The Scary Sharp Precision Knife Sharpening System holds the blade at a constant angle.

The Scary Sharp Precision Knife Sharpening System

That innovative Kiwi Geoff Furborough has done it again! The latest incarnation of his unique and effective knife sharpening tool, the Scary Sharp Precision Series, marks a quantum leap in ease of use and effectiveness.

At Yaffa we have previously used and tested earlier versions of the Scary Sharp system – see HERE and HERE.

The basic premise of the Scary Sharp system is that it provides a constant angle by which to achieve a perfect edge on a blade when sharpening it with a stone. Both the original version and the Mark II model used a clamp in which you fixed the blade, sharpened it, removed it, turned it around, refitted it and then sharpened the other side.

It’s a simple yet effective process which allows the user, even rank novices, to put an edge on a knife.

The Precision Series is a significant step forward in that the clamp holding the blade rotates, thus allowing the sharpening process to be far more accurate. The previous system relied on you manually lining up and clamping the blade. The rotating Precision Series takes all the guess work out of blade placement. It’s also easier and quicker to use than before.

Like the previous versions, the Scary Sharp Precision series tool can be fitted to a work bench or even in a boat. It is contructed in NZ from high grade stainless steel and is engineered to precise tolerances. Used in normal conditions, the tool should easily last for generations. The clamp can be fitted in one of three slots to provide a variety of sharpening angles.

I sharpened a kitchen knife using the centre slot (about a 19 degrees angle). After spending five minutes sharpening each side of the knife with a Norton Combination Oil Stone, and then giving it a final ‘polish’ with a really fine Arkansas stone, I can honestly say I have never managed to get a knife so sharp. I shaved hair from my arm and after washing the blade off effortlessly cut a tomato into super thin slices.

As advised by Geoff, I cleaned the stones before use with brake cleaner and lubricated them during the sharpening process with turps.

As anyone who’s into fishing and hunting knows, a really sharp knife is a pleasure to use. I can tell you now that all my filleting knives are going to get some serious attention on the Scary Sharp Precision Series tool this weekend – no fish will be safe!

If you already own a Sharp Sharp tool, you can use the stones and stone holders that came with it if you decided to upgrade to the Precision Series. Scary Sharp offers a Precision Series Deluxe kit featuring the tool, two stones and a polished steel. A handy instructional DVD is also included.

You can watch Geoff demonstrating his latest invention HERE or go online to place an order.

It will be extremely interesting to see if Geoff comes up with yet more knife-sharpening innovations. Stay tuned to see if he does!




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