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Ultra-smooth and accurate: Sako’s all-new 90 series hits gunshops

Sako has released a brand new line of bolt-action hunting rifles, the 90 series, that are built to be smoother and lighter than previous models with the accuracy expected of the brand. 

The 90 draws on traditional Sako bolt-action design but is a clear evolutionary step onwards, using current technologies to improve on what Sako had before. 

Sako 90 receiver
Note the unusual shape of the ejection port in the new 90’s receiver

There will ultimately be five action lengths for the 90 series, catering to a huge selection of calibres, but the ones that are now on sale are the small (.308-length) and large (magnum-length) actions. 

Others will follow later this year and next.

A number of stocks — in walnut, laminated timber and carbon-fibre — are included in the range, along with different barrel profiles and, soon, a carbon-fibre barrel.  

One of Sako’s key achievements is reducing lock time (the time between the trigger releasing the sear and the firing pin striking the primer) to a remarkably quick 1.3 milliseconds, and we’re sure Sako is right when it claims this is the quickest in the world. 

Another creditable achievement has been reducing the contact surface area between bolt and receiver to create what Sako claims is the world’s smoothest bolt operation.

On the other hand, the three bolt lugs and their locking slots have been designed for “maximum lug surface area” for each of the five action sizes, according to Sako, to make a safe and accuracy-inducing lock-up. 

The bolt’s double-plunger ejection system is taken from the TRG series of Sako rifles and adopted to increase reliability. 

Sako claims it tested the bolt design through five million cycles without malfunction and says, “The Sako bolt is the most reliable, field-tested and proven bolt in the market” — which is no minor boast!

The trigger is adjustable to five pre-set release weights as well as being adjustable for reach. 

Sako has aimed to create a solid receiver that resists torsional forces, with what it describes as carefully designed contours to reinforce its strength, such as in the unusually scalloped ejection port. 

The receiver is flat-based to enhance the bedding that Sako knows is critical to accuracy. 

The 90’s safety button locks trigger, bolt and firing pin, and the usual bolt-unlock button is provided to allow you to unload the chamber with the safety engaged.

Left-handed rifles will be part of the range. 

The model announced are:


Sako 90 Adventure
Sako 90 Adventure

The most hard-wearing rifle of the range, the Adventure has a thoroughly modern-looking carbon-fibre stock and a fluted barrel which, like all Sako barrels, is a match-grade unit made by cold hammer forging. 

The barrelled action is stainless steel finished in Tungsten Cerakote, and the action has built-in Picatinny-style scope bases.

The rifle weighs 3kg bare and is made in calibres from .22-250 up to .300 Win Mag, with magazine capacities of four or five rounds. 

Prices range from $4899 to $5249 depending on options.


Sako 90 Bavarian
The Sako 90 Bavarian

A traditional European-style rifle with hogsback-combed walnut stock, this one comes standard with a single set trigger which, when pushed forward to set, reduces trigger pull to just 300g. It has open sights as well as Optilock scope-mounting slots in the receiver. 

It will be available in all action lengths, right up to dangerous-game magnum size.

The Bavarian’s recommended retail price is $3549.


Sako 90 Hunter Stainless
Sako 90 Hunter Stainless

This model is as per the Bavarian above, including action lengths and Optilock mounting, but with a regular sporter-style walnut stock. Its RRP is $3559.


Sako 90 Peak
Sako 90 Peak

The Peak has a less angular carbon-fibre stock than the Adventure and its stainless steel is on display. The barrel is fluted to cut weight, which is a mere 2.6kg in total. 

The carbon stock is made from a 3D mesh to give it extra strength and to reduce its noise compared with a hollow stock. Sako says it shape is designed to reduce felt recoil and it has a texturised surface to enhance grip.

The Peak comes with a screw-on muzzle brake to further cut recoil. On the receiver, the Picatinny scope bases are machined in. 

Calibres will range from .22-250 to .300 Win Mag and its pricing ranges from $5999 to $6429.


Sako 90 Quest
Sako 90 Quest

A more tactical-looking rifle, the Quest has a carbon-stock with adjustable length of pull (where legal) and comb height. Its stainless action with built-in Picatinny bases and fluted barrel are coated with Graphite Black Cerakote. 

Its action lengths allow for calibres from .22-250 up to .300 Win Mag. Expect to pay $6999.


Sako 90 Varmint Laminated Stainless
Sako 90 Varmint Laminated Stainless

Like previous Sako Varmints, this rifle is almost a sporter but it has a heavy, fluted barrel. The stock is a solid laminated birchwood and the barrelled action is in stainless steel. 

The receiver comes with machined Picatinny mounts and the barrel can be ordered with an optional threaded muzzle for those who need it. 

It will be available with extra-small and small actions only. Pricing is relatively modest at $3449.

More details are available at your local gunshop and on Beretta Australia’s website.




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