Sako 100

New Sako 100 Explorer switch-barrel rifle

The new “future-proof” Sako 100 Explorer, a premium multi-calibre switch-barrel centrefire hunting rifle, will be available in Australia this autumn.

The innovative Sako 100 has some well considered design features including a barrel-mounted scope, ensuring retention of accuracy when the barrel is changed.

Sako 100

The rifle is made up of the central section with receiver and bed for the barrel, a rear butt stock and separate forend stock.

It will come with the option of either walnut or carbon-fibre stock, and the choice of calibres will be .243 Win, .308 Win, 6.5 CM, 6.5×55 SE, .270 Win, .30-06, 8x57IS, 9.3×62, .300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag and .375 H&H.

The 100’s turn-bolt action is designed along familiar lines, similar is certain ways to the Sako 85’s, but in this case it has two safety systems: an option of a firing-pin blocking safety as well as its standard manual de-cocking button at the back of the bolt. 

Sako 100

The barrel and receiver are finished in Cerakote Elite, the premium version of the now popular metal coating, with a thickness of only 7-11 microns.

The bolt is not blued but finished in a diamond-like coating, which is ultra-hard and protective as well adding to the smoothness of the action. 

The 100 has an aluminium V-block bedding system that cradles the full length of the receiver. Two bolts fix the barrel to it.

Sako 100

As well as six-step trigger weight adjustment, ranging from 750g to 1750g, a separate adjustment allows the trigger to be moved back or forward through 7mm, a feature rarely offered on any firearm. 

Trigger adjustments can be made without disassembling the rifle.

As with the Model 85, the magazines for the 100 are all-steel and double stack to increase capacity without extending below the base of the action. They use Sako’s push-to-release system that prevents accidentally letting the magazine drop out of the rifle. 

Magazines are unique to each calibre and will need to be purchased with each different barrel.

Sako 100

The Sako 100 Explorer Wood has a hand-finished walnut stock with cut chequering and rose-wood details.

The Explorer Carbon’s stock is lighter, with soft-touch grip inlays, and Sako boasts that it has “unparalleled torsional rigidity in every direction”.

Both stocks have an adjustable comb and the Carbon can also have its length of pull changed using spacers. 

Sako 100

The Sako 100 uses a proprietary base for scope mounting, designed to suit Sako’s own Optilock rings, and a base will be supplied with each rifle. 

A Picatinny base will also be available, as will a muzzle brake and other accessories. 

The premium-quality rifle will come in a hard case, designed to facilitate travel with the rifle in its compact, disassembled state. 

The 100 is expected to be available in Australia in March or April 2023, with pricing yet to be announced.




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