Under Armour Fails Hunters After Selling Out Over Spear Hunt

This week the Facebook Anti’s turned their attention from young Aryanna Gourdin’s legal African safari photos to Ohio resident Josh Bowmar’s legal black bear hunt.

In predictable fashion the outraged internet warriors started an online petition. The petition called for Under Armour to stop sponsoring Josh Bowmar’s wife Sarah whom filmed the legal hunt.

To the hunting world’s disappointment, Under Armour ended its contract with the fitness star and huntress Sarah Bowmar, with just 4350 online signatures submitted.

This hypocritical decision has caused a global backlash against the brand. Hunters felt dropping the athletes, for a legal hunt, has bowed to the anti-movement and hung hunters out to dry.

Hunters have made videos burning their Under Armour gear. Waves of hunters are vouching to never use the brand again. Competitor companies have offered discounts to people looking to swap brands.

The new age of social media anti’s have never spent a day outside the security of their keyboards. These bitter people believe an online petitions equates to doing their part for society and nature. They will never understand our lifestyle and will relentlessly find ways to try and have it shut down.

Unlike the anti’s Josh and Sarah Bowmar own a charity called Whitetail Wisdom. They donate meat to needy families and personally pay for the processing. In the past 10 years, they have donated over 30,000 meals to the less privileged.

I have no personal interest to go spear hunting, nor did I enjoy the over the top video, but I have no problem with the nature of the kill. It was performed legally and is the most traditional form of hunting that exists.

As hunters, more than ever we need to stand together, no matter what your chosen method of hunting may be. United we stand a chance. Divided our chosen way of life stands to be removed one small piece at a time.

Josh Bowmar by slogotribo




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