Brumbies grazing on Alpine Way near Dead Horse Gap - Grahamec

Hunters have seen many political decisions and policies made that affect their way of life even when there is zero science to back the decision.

The feral horse culling debate seems to disregard the scientific studies in delicate areas where there are already control measures in place for other introduced animals like pigs, wild dogs, deer, foxes and cats.

Brumby culling is a highly controversial topic, and the Liberals have decided to turn their back on all scientific advice if they win the next election and put an end to brumby culls.

One reason stated to support ending the feral horse cull was that “Labor’s approach doesn’t deliver good outcomes for the environment, with abandoned carcasses that are left to rot only serving to feed up destructive and vicious pest animals, like wild dogs.

With a statement like this to support cancelling the aerial and ground culls, one can only ask if sambar deer in these shared areas are going to receive the same treatment.

The Australian reported Nationals leader Peter Walsh said his party was supportive of the Liberals’ plan to keep the horses in Victoria’s Eastern Alps and Bogong High Plains.

“We agree with the tens of thousands of Victorians who believe brumby populations can be managed without cruel methods or total eradication,” he said.

“Only a change in government in November will deliver a humane, sustainable approach to population management of an iconic animal with strong and enduring ties to Australia’s modern history.”

However, Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio rubbished the Opposition’s claims, describing the policy as “reckless”.

“We know that feral horses do not have a place in these pristine environments,” she said.

“The opposition’s policy is simply a recipe for destroying everything that is special and unique about Victoria’s environment.

“It is also very reckless and has no regard, even for the health of these feral horses. The fact is, not all of them are in good shape.”




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One Comment

  1. Excellent words Michael. Parks Vic have been using SSAA and ADA members to control deer for a number of years and the Coalition have not considered it cruel to shoot deer but Bev McArthur has spoken in parliament and said shooting horses in the same manner is cruel. Does that mean the Coalition will end recreational hunting if elected? Surely that must be cruel under the standard Mrs. McArthur expresses. Will the Coalition also stop aerial and ground culling of other pests? Surely that is cruel as well.

    All this is about a bunch of horse lovers with no logic or care for wilderness areas. I keep my horses in a paddock. National Parks are not paddocks for pests. These horse lovers have manufactured a narrative that the Coalition have been sucked into. They want you to believe every horse sent to war was a brumby. The horses in Barmah forest are descended from Adam’s trotting stables. That is historically recorded. I have seen the damage horses do in wet environments and it is comparable with deer. I saw a stream near Youngs SEC hut that was pugged up by horses and then taken over by deer as a wallow a couple of years later. The deer didn’t start the damage but are being blamed for it now.

    The feral horses have no heritage value and certainly nothing more than the wilderness areas of our National Parks or the internationally (Ramsar) recognised wetlands of Barmah. See them for what they are and get rid of them now. Write to the members of the legislative council to stop them voting on the motion that will stop any action to protect our parks.