Victorian Duck Hunters Raise the Bar – Opening Success 2018

Duck opening this year had a huge spotlight putover itfrom the anti duck and hunting brigade. It was essential that a good opening took place on all wetlands across Victoria.

Fowl Takersalong withGMA have just confirmed that the opening was a huge success with high levels of compliance reported as hunters stood together to see a bright future for duck hunting in Victoria.

In a previous article we outlined new regulations that were introduced at short notice. Many felt that the regulations were a step backwards for duck hunting but as a whole the duck hunting community, representing clubs and associations must be commended on spreading the word to ensure the activity continues for generations to come.

Foul Takers reported

“Rural towns were congested with four wheel drives, duck boats, hunting dogs and hunters who were all busy injecting money into the local economies. Make sure that you let the shopkeepers know that it is hunter dollars making its way into their cash registers and be proud to be a hunter. This tradition and way of life is nothing to be ashamed of and the rising popularity of duck hunting is proof of that with numbers of licensed duck hunters climbing from 16,000 to 26,000 in recent years”.

This year also marks the first in a long time where the protesters have not presented one bird (protected or otherwise) on the Monday or Wednesday after opening. Any hunter that has been out in the field since opening can be proud that we have shown the public that we are law-abiding, sustainable hunters. You can be assured that the people opposed to our way of life have been out scouring wetlands looking for anything they could take to Parliament House, and whilst they may still turn up with something, it is increasingly likely to be minor in significance and surely questions must be raised as to why things have taken so long if hunters are the monsters they make us out to be. Now more than ever, they will be out to try and make examples of us, so it is important that we continue on with the great work we have done as a group.

So a job well done to Victorian duck hunters and let’s all enjoy the remainder of what should be an amazing 2018 duck season. Continue on showing the public and the protesters that we are here to stay through our good behavior and high standards. Give them nothing and remember, it’s more than pulling the trigger.




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