Victorian Green’s Take A Direct Shot At Hunters

Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber takes a direct shot at recreational hunters. He wants professionals used to control deer numbers.

Like all good Greens initiatives, they never let facts get in the way of a Green agenda. I have pulled quotes from this article to highlight just how out of touch and driven the Greens are in their agenda against recreational hunting and firearms owners.

In a cheap attempt to sensationalise and support his claims. Greg goes back a year to when a deer was trapped in a primary school.

“Last year students at Mullum Primary in suburban Ringwood were terrorised by a 200kg deer, which was eventually shot dead”

Greg claims the population growth is no accident and blames deer hunters.

“The population growth hasn’t happened by accident — you can blame deer hunters and cuts to national park funding. Bag limits and hunting restrictions which have been maintained over decades have given deer freedom to reproduce and spread, and Parks can’t afford to stop them.”

“The Victorian Government wants massive deer numbers for the enjoyment of recreational hunters, but farmers and environmentalists want the destructive pest eradicated.”

“Victoria’s licensed deer hunters bag just 2.1 deer per shooter annually. In comparison, an elite shooter working in a Parks Victoria operation in Murray-Sunset National Park took out 459 goats in just 3¬Ω days.”

“The Government needs to employ professional, highly-skilled shooters to eliminate deer region by region. Recreational hunters lack the skill and motivation to eradicate them.”

“Last week the Government opened Snake Island in Gippsland to hunt hog deer.”

Reading this ramble you have to wonder if Greg actually has even the slightestidea on the subject matter.

Greg fails todivulge tothe readers that he 2.1 deer per recreational hunter equates to over 60,000 deer. There is over 30,000 licenced deer hunters in Victoria.

Comparing a goat cull to controlling sambar is almost up there with Sarah Hanson Young thinking Sea Patrol was actually Australian Navy border patrol footage.

He believes bag limits on deer have contributed to the growth? Try telling that to the hound crews that are hunting and controlling deer by the hundreds.

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