WA Police drops Aus Post from list of approved gun couriers

In the latest example of things getting worse for gun owners in Western Australia, WAPOL has has removed Australia Post from its list of approved commercial carriers for firearms and major firearms components.

An email sent to WA firearm industry members from WAPOL on August 16 and seen by Sporting Shooter says: 

“Please be advised that as of the 1st of July 2023 Australia Post ceased being an Approved Commercial Carrier.

“If Australia Post identify a firearm or major firearm part as a result of their scanning process, the parcel will not be onforwarded and will require collection from their facility [Perth Airport] or in certain instances the parcel may be seized by police.

 “This includes incoming parcels from the eastern states, so please advise your contacts.

 “Any firearm or major firearm part must be conveyed by an Approved Commercial Carrier.”

A follow-up email goes on to state:

“Just to clarify, this information only refers to the transport of firearms or major firearm parts within WA by Australia Post.

“Parcels from the eastern states may arrive here, but they will not be delivered.”

WAPOL provided no official reason for its decision, and nor Australia Post said anything. 

Australia Post may legally transport firearms in every other state and territory of Australia.

There has been speculation that the cost of complying with WA’s draconian laws has simply made it cost prohibitive and more trouble than it’s worth for Australia Post to keep doing it.

WAPOL has a list of more than 30 approved carriers who can transport firearms and major components within the state. 

Most dealers in the greater Perth region are understood to have arrangements in place with one of those carriers to get items to and from port-of-entry depots.

However, dealers in the other 2.5 million square kilometres of the state have fewer options and there are concerns this development will cause issues for them. 

Time will tell what the impact will be for WA dealers and shooters, but it’s unlikely to be positive.




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Royce Wilson

Royce is something rare in Australia: A journalist who really likes guns. He has been interested in firearms as long as he can remember, and is particularly interested in military and police firearms from the 19th Century to the present. In addition to historical and collectible firearms, he is also a keen video gamer and has written for several major newspapers and websites on that subject.