Julie McEwan, of Dalby-Tara Rifle Club, competed in the strong F Open scope class using electronic targets at North Arm. She was third in the two-day aggregate.

Windy challenge at North Arm

There were excellent individual scores mixed with plenty of hard luck stories as competitors battled windy conditions in weekend rifle shooting action on the Sunshine Coast.

Some of the state’s top shooters were challenged at the 25th North Arm Rifle Club Prize Meeting on Saturday and the 92nd Lilly District Rifle Association Open on Sunday.

Russell Saxby from Goondiwindi was in hot form on Saturday, dropping just one shot over three ranges to win the North Arm title.

On Sunday, Maryborough shooter Rod Prayle edged out Geoff Grosskreutz from Brisbane by a single centre bull to win the Lilley District Open on a score of 148.13 to 148.12.

Rod was a member of the Queensland team which competed in the national championships in Adelaide earlier this month and Geoff was the team captain.

Another Brisbane shooter, Mirko Teglasi, performed consistently with a second placing on Saturday and third on Sunday to snare the two day Grand Aggregate. He finished with 294.27 to edge out Rod Prayle on 294.24.

North Arm local Daryl Burns scored a double in B Grade, winning the Lilley Open and the Grand Aggregate.

In C Grade, Lester Robinson from Ipswich combined a North Arm win on Saturday and the Grand Aggregate.

Gold Coast member Mick Kyle made a clean sweep of the F Standard scope competition, while North Arm member Ben Curley combined the F Open Lilley District and Grand Aggregate titles.

The next competition on the rifle shooting calendar will be at Warwick on the weekend of 24-25 November. The Southern Downs Rifle Club will host a Sweepstakes on Saturday with the Darling Downs Open Prize Meeting on Sunday.



North Arm Prize Shoot

A Grade: 1 Russell Saxby, Goondiwindi, 149.12, 2 Mirko Teglasi, Brisbane, 147.12, 3 Peter Scovell, Natives, 146.12.

B Grade: 1 Trevor Matthews, Gold Coast, 144.8, 2 Greg Hansen, North Arm, 143.15, 3 Peter Birch, North Arm, 142.6.

C Grade: 1 Lester Robinson, Ipswich, 145.13, 2 Andrew McArthur, North Arm, 131.7, 3 Henke Thone, Gold Coast, 127.3.

F Open: 1 Vince Northfield, Cannon Hill, 175.10, 2 Ben Curley, North Arm, 174.10, 3 Mark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill, 174.9.

F Standard: 1 Mick Kyle, Gold Coast, 173.6, 2 Brian Pickles, Natives, 167.8, 3 Grant Larsen, North Arm, 166.4.

Lilley District Open

A Grade: 1 Rod Prayle, Maryborough, 148.13, 2 Geoff Grosskreutz, Brisbane, 148.12, 3 Mirko Teglasi, Brisbane, 147.15.

B Grade: Daryl Burns, North Arm, 147.8, 2 Neville Bidgood, Crows Nest, 142.10, 3 Ron Bowman, Gatton, 141.10.

C Grade: 1 Les Pedersen, Darling Downs, 138.9, 2 Lester Robinson, Ipswich, 131.9, 3 Bevan Lencz, 126.3.

F Open: 1 Ben Curley, North Arm, 173.15, 2 Andrew Pearce, North Arm, 173.13, 3 Kelvin Bell, Brisbane, 173.11.

F Standard: 1 Mick Kyle, Gold Coast, 171.6, 2 Daryl Barlow, Ipswich, 170.11, 3 Brian Pickles, Natives, 169.11.

Two Day Grand Aggregate

A Grade: 1 Mirko Teglasi, Brisbane, 294.27, 2 Rod Prayle, Maryborough, 294.24, 3 Russell Saxby, Goondiwindi, 291.18.

B Grade: 1 Daryl Burns, North Arm, 288.21, 2 Trevor Matthews, Gold Coast, 283.14, 3 Peter Birch, North Arm, 282.13.

C Grade: 1 Lester Robinson, Ipswich, 276.22, 2 Les Pedersen, Darling Downs, 260.11, 3 Andrew McArthur, North Arm, 256.11.

F Open: 1 Ben Curley, North Arm, 347.25, 2 Vince Northfield, Cannon Hill, 344.16, 3 Julie McEwan, Dalby-Tara, 344.14.

F Standard: 1 Mick Kyle, Gold Coast, 344.12, 2 Brian Pickles, Natives, 366.19, 3 Daryl Barlow, Ipswich, 335.17.




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