Huntress Hits Back at Trolls and Continues to Hunt

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Hunter Alexandra Tyutcheva has been hunting since she was 18 and refused to apologise for her hunter and gatherer lifestyle. She says the trolls that attack her are “uneducated hypocrites”.

As a child, Alexandra would go fishing and camping with her father, and now the pair continue to join each other on outdoor pursuits.

Hunting has become part of who Alexandra is, and she is writing her bachelor’s degree thesis on trophy hunting in Russia.

7News reported Online trolls have labelled Alexandra a ‘cruel killer,’ and have told her, ‘I wish it was you lying there instead of

the bear.’

Some have threatened her future children – ‘they will pay for that’.

Alexandra has hunted rams, deer, and bears but she claims she doesn’t waste any part of the animal – removing the meat, and then drying out the skin and boiling the antlers and horn for taxidermy.

She is unapologetic about her hobby and in addition to educating her naysayers, Alexandra says she hopes to inspire other hunters to embrace their passion.

“There are many people that don’t understand and throw hate at you whilst having zero knowledge on the topic,” Alexandra said.

“There can be comments that say, ‘I wish you were lying there instead of the bear,’ or, ‘you are a cruel killer’.

Alexandra holding her hand up next to a bear’s / /

“Some have even threatened my non-existent children who will ‘pay for that.’

“They don’t realise how hunting influences our ecology.

“Proper hunting management can increase the number of elephants in Africa for example by thousands or bighorn sheep in the US.

“It’s hypocritical to eat meat and then also criticise people who work hard to provide their own meat for themselves.

“On Instagram, I share links to articles that educate people about sustainable and conservation hunting.

“I’m currently writing my bachelor’s degree thesis on trophy hunting in Russia.”

Alexandra first started fishing and camping with her father when she was 12 years old.

They started hunting together six years later.

“My father and I are very close.

“We spend a lot of time together hunting with our guests.

“My mum and three sisters don’t enjoy hunting but they support us. Hunting isn’t for everyone,” Alexandra said.

“In Russia, it’s not unusual to drive five hundred kilometres to go hunting – especially if you live near a city – so you don’t go very often.

“The biggest hunt I’ve had was a Kamchatka brown bear.

“We don’t weigh them but it must’ve been around two hundred and fifty kilograms.

“Hunting is a part of who I am now – it’s my hobby, my job, and my philosophy.

“I love the strong connection I have to nature and the understanding of how things work in life.

“You challenge yourself in harsh conditions – storms, rain, and snow – but that’s just nature. You become more patient with experience.”

Alexandra says she wants to inspire others to embrace their passion.

“Hunters, do not hide your passion or apologise for being a hunter,” she said.

“As for other people, do not judge something you don’t understand. Search for information and talk to people – try to learn. Curiosity and self-education is important.”




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