Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24x50 BDC rifle scope

Review: Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24×50 BDC rifle scope

The Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24×50 is a varmint/target scope with one-inch main tube and a CT Custom BDC Pro reticle, a practical reticle for hunting which has four diamonds to provide ballistic compensation out to around 600 yards.

The Crimson Trace website has a ballistic calculator to help you translate each reticle’s graduations to the ballistics of your chosen ammunition.

Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24x50 BDC rifle scope
The Crimson Trace BDC Pro reticle is a very practical one for hunting

This varmint-target scope has a length of 39cm and weighs 580 grams. The very pronounced objective bell is long and commences to taper from 14cm before it levels out for the last 4cm.

The tube has a front mounting length of 6cm against 5cm at the rear. Not all scopes are compatible with every rifle, since turret housings of some models limit fore-and-aft movement to the point where the scope may not fit certain combinations of rifle and mount. The more centrally located turret housing allows the 6-24×50 Crimson Trace scope to work with just about any rifle/mount combination you are likely to come up with.

All Crimson Trace scopes have one-piece tubes of aerospace-grade aluminium and a non-reflective anodised finish. 

If weight is any indication, the wall of the main tube is a bit thicker than on most other brands of scopes. The exterior surface of the tube is hand polished and then hard-anodised, which is a thicker and more durable process than soft-anodising.

All lenses are MOC multi-coated for maximum light transmission, glare reduction and a crystal-clear image. Blooming on the lenses shows bars of green and yellow and colour fidelity is excellent.

The Brushline Pro comes with turret caps which allow you to protect the adjustment dials from the elements — and from accidental adjustments while in the field. 

Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24x50 BDC rifle scope
The Brushline Pro 4-26×50 is a long scope but not overly heavy at a reasonable 580g

Some variable-power scopes have a number of potential leak paths through which moisture can enter. These are reduced to only two in the Brushline Pro, and they are sealed with special quad seals rather than the cheap rubber O-rings commonly found on scopes.

Each click has a value of ¼ MOA and a maximum movement of 36 MOA. A fast-focus eyepiece allows you to focus the reticle. An adjustment turret on the left of the scope looks after parallax focus.

The knurled power-change ring is clearly graduated for each magnification and the white numerals are easy to read. 

Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 6-24x50 BDC rifle scope
Good design features include the very tactile fast-focus and magnification rings

The 6-24x magnification provides a great deal of versatility, from average shots at big game to extreme-range shooting at small varmints or steel plates. 

The design offers generous eye relief of 90-100mm and a field of view at 100 metres of from 5.1m at 6x shrinking to 1.3m (4.2ft) at 24x.

This high-range 6-24x50mm is affordable at $899, a price possible because it was designed in the USA but built in the Phillipines using premium components. As I’ve said before, the best optics coming out of Asia are the equal of the good American brands.

These scopes are available at many gun shops. Find out more on the OSA Australia website.




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