Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review

Review: Evolution Gear Rifle Case XL & 50” Double Rifle Bag

I learnt the hard way to properly package rifles for transport and now box them up securely, though I’ve never had them so safely stowed as they are in this Evolution Gear solid gun case with double rifle bag inside. 

The case and the bag are two different products from Evolution Gear that can be used individually but perfectly complement each other when working as a combination, with the bag being an exact fit since the case.

Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review
The Evolution Gear case and bag work very well together for transporting up to two rifles


This is the largest of several Evolution Gear rifle cases, measuring 1345mm long, 406mm wide and 155mm deep on external dimensions, and roughly 1280 x 345 x 130mm inside (it’s not absolutely symmetrical inside, hence the rough measures). 

It comes filled with firm foam that can be plucked to create a shape to hug your rifle but as I wanted to use the rifle bag instead I put the foam aside. 

The case weighs 11kg and is as tough as nails with four well-made steel-pinned hinges, four very sturdy clip-over latches and thick walls with a bit of reinforcing in places. The two padlock holes are protected by steel reinforcements.

Its ingress protection ratings indicate it is completely dust proof, should keep everything inside dry if submerged up to a metre in water, and can resist the seal being hit by spray if it’s not high-pressure. I’d suggest that if the Evolution Gear case is subjected to anything that will beat its heavy-duty seals, you’ve probably got more problems to deal with than a soggy firearm. 

A pressure valve is fitted for use in aeroplanes.  

Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review
The case is very strong and solidly built, with a lifetime warranty

There’s a large main carry handle and smaller handles at each end, all swivelling on steel pins. A pair of small wheels at one end make it much easier to drag the case around on smooth surfaces. The wheels also make it easier to slide the case in and out of the back of a wagon or ute. 

I didn’t try to destroy the case by running it over or anything but did apply a dead weight of over 100kg on it without it showing any sign of stress. 

I had no problem loading it underneath all my other gear in the back of the 4WD and heading bush, knowing my rifles were well out of sight and completely safe at the same time.

Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review
The handle swivel of steel pins and are complemented by a couple of wheels at one end

50” Double Rifle Bag

Made from 600-denier polyester ‘canvas’ with strong polymer zips and webbing, this padded double-rifle bag fits snugly into the 2540 case with two rifles inside.

Two sporter rifles fit easily; the bag is long enough to accommodate rifles 1275mm long, which covers most of them. 

The largest rifle I had in it was a scoped Remington 700 Long Range HS and the bag would have taken a second matching one and still the case lid would have closed.

Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review
Rifles can be held in place on webbing loops so they don’t move around

The rifles are separated by a padded divider. You can remove it as it’s attached using Velcro, though I never felt the need. 

There’s also padding around the perimeter edges of both halves of the bag, so the overall protection for the rifles is good. 

Two sewn-in corners in each ‘lid’ of the bag cradle the butt and muzzle of each rifle, and two rows of webbing with adjustable, Velcro-closed loops hold the rifles firmly in place so they remain where you laid them while in transit. 

One side of the bag has a large, zippered external pocket for storing other items. 

Two web handles are provided to carry the bag but no shoulder strap. There’s also a webbing loop at one end so you can hold or hang the bag vertically.

Evolution Gear gun case and rifle bag review
The Evolution Gear double rifle bags is a perfect fit in the case


Using the Evolution Gear case and bag together has worked extremely well. The case is the ultimate security in the back of the car or when moving the rifles around in camp, but it’s simple to lift them out in the bag before taking it to the firing point.

There, you can keep one rifle protected in the re-closed bag while you use the other, then swap over if and when the time comes. And the load is lighter than carrying it all in the 11kg case.

The XL 2540 rifle case retails for $395 and the 50” double rifle bag for $195. Either one is good value for the protection, quality and convenience they offer, but both together is about as good as you’ll get on all scores.

You can buy them from many gun shops around the country. Visit the Eagleye Hunting Gear website to see full specs and the other variations on the theme.




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