Extravision Hunter's Diary competition

Hunter’s Diary: Blooding the Weatherby

Damo Hart tells how he has been hammering the local feral pigs with his new Weatherby Vanguard.

When I won a Weatherby Vanguard in the Hunter’s Gallery competition, I chose .270 Winchester for my calibre, which has proven to be an excellent combination.

I really love the feel of the rifle in my hands; it is very comfortable to handle and shoot, and very accurate.

Extravision Hunter's Diary competition
One of the first boars to fall to the .270 Weatherby Vanguard

After several outings without spotting anything to christen it with, I had a run of luck over a week and a half and managed to bag 10 pigs with it in all.

It started with a young boar which was feeding alone. I was out with two of my hunting buddies as we sussed out the deer action on my favourite block. A simple stalk and a single shot from 100m dropped him so fast I actually thought he got away!

Three days later I went for a stalk at a location where my cameras had been monitoring two boars that were working a wet gully at very inconvenient hours of the night.

This time, I caught one out on his own just after dawn. Again, a short stalk and a single shot from around 100m dropped it on the spot.

The following weekend I was out checking my cameras for deer on the original block again and came across a good-sized sow and a litter of piglets ripping up the only open area on the property — and only about 50 yards from where I shot the first boar!

I stalked towards them and just before I got settled behind a tree, a vagrant breeze gave me away and a couple of the piglets started to run, but luckily the sow stood there sniffing the air for just long enough for me to drop her where she stood.

I picked off one of the piglets as they fled into the cover behind them.

Extravision Hunter's Diary competition
The tally added up quickly after Damo dropped the sow

I quietly stalked towards their grunting sounds and managed to pop two more in between the trees before the others ran into thicker cover.

I collected them and was lining up the four for a photo when I heard the others grunting again over a little ridge to my right, so I sneaked over to see.

They were bunched up among some trees, making their way across the gully floor. I sat on the wet grass and picked off three more from about 60 paces, then winged another, and as I moved up to finish it off I managed to get one more before the lone runt managed to get away into cover too thick to shoot in, and I had one bullet left.

All in all, the new rifle is doing a smashing job of thinning the pig population!

This story was Damo’s entry in the Hunter’s Diary competition, in which you could win one a several Vortex optics courtesy of Extravision. Find out how to enter.




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