Hunter’s Diary: Hunting from a kayak (with video!)

When I hunt from my kayak I get a palpable connection with nature as there is no noise. The feeling of gliding along without disturbing a thing is very cool.

Before offroad vehicles, quad bikes and motorbikes were invented, the First Nation Australian hunters and gatherers used a nawi — a handmade canoe — to travel from place to place and to fish and hunt from. 

It is the best mode of transport when hunting billabongs or river systems in the Outback.

Feral pigs will wallow on the water’s edge, especially if it is hot. They don’t expect danger from the water unless you are in croc country. 

If the wind is right, I can often get within 10m of the craftiest boar.

Whenever my mates and I hunt in the hot months it is mandatory that the kayak comes along. A hat, sunscreen, water and maybe something to eat can be carried in the kayak and the good thing about the extra stuff is that it isn’t weighing you down like a backpack would if you were on foot.

You can travel for miles without feeling tired, especially if you just paddle slowly and steadily. 

If you go too fast you might miss something. It’s too easy to paddle past ‘logs’ that burst out behind you once they catch your scent, so you must keep your eyes peeled. 

Sometimes all you see on the bank is the flick of an ear from a boar fully submerged in mud or water.

When you lock onto a good boar on the bank it is the classic feeling. The modern world pauses as you close with your quarry. All previous thoughts are replaced with the hunter and the hunted.

Good hunting!   

by Stuart Loughton

You can see Stu hunting from the kayak on his YouTube channel, Hunting With Stu. He’s on Insta as huntingwith_stu.

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