DVD Review: Adam Royter’s ‘Ultimate Bow’

My middle boy Cal has just taken up bow hunting.  In fact, he’s just taken possession of a brand new compound bow.  That’s a good thing, because bow hunting is a noble pursuit and I’m definitely in favour of any activity that will get my kids outside. It’s just that, well, I don’t know anything about bows!  I’ve only ever hunted with firearms and, to be honest, just looking at these new-fangled compound bows leaves me with kind of a headache.  That’s why I was so pleased when a copy of Adam Royter’s new DVD Ultimate Bow came across my desk last week.

I’ve known ‘Mad Dog’ since my days as the editor of a Victorian fishing magazine so I keenly slipped the DVD into my kids’ Playstation 4 console to have a squizz (yes, all by myself). In Ultimate Bow, Royter has teamed with friend and bowhunting expert Jon Hawkins. Together they take a ‘bare bones’ compound bow straight of the box and show viewers in great detail how to set it up ready to shoot arrows. Working on the bow as it sits on a kick stand on a workbench, the pair walk us through how to fit the bow with all the fruit, including a D-loop, arrow rest, stabiliser, arrow quiver, front sight and peep sight. I found myself learning stuff I didn’t even know I needed to know! Instruction is also provided on how to fine tune the bow to get the very best accuracy from it and, afterwards, show us how to sight the bow in.

The information is presented in Royter’s usual relaxed and clear style, though I’d have to say that it’s a fair bit less outrageous than in some of his other work. Yep, Adam Royter being serious…you’d better believe it! He works with Hawkins in a conversational style to ensure nothing is skipped and all the necessary information is conveyed to the viewer. I might add that there is a focus on safety throughout the DVD.

Overall I’d have to say that this DVD contains a heap of information that will be eminently useful for bowhunters of all levels of experience. It’ll probably be of most use to beginners, but I’m picking there’ll be some little gems in there that even seasoned bowhunters will find helpful. You can watch a trailer for the DVD below then, to get yourself a copy, contact the distributors Australian Fishing Network.






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