Field Testing Lamellar Clothing

Lamellar has only been on the Australian hunting scene for a few years but its new Summer clothing is purpose-built for our conditions.

Out in the field over the last 12 months I have been wearing the Lamellar Contra-cam camouflage clothing when on my hunts and photography outings. The summer fabric is a mix of EcoAct Bamboo-Charcoal and polyester and the camouflage pattern is nicely designed so that it works very well in our bush.

I have found that whether I have been out in bushytype cover or more open country the Lamellar gear has definitely contributed to a stealthy approach on all my stalks. If I do my part it has enabled me to get into not only a sure hunting range but also very much closer in with the camera, so I have been able to get some great photos.

My first hunts have been with the winter clothing in the Pursuit Jacket and Ozzterrain pant. After many outings, I have found the outfit keeps me warm on those cold and frosty mornings or in the teeth of those harsh cold southerly breezes.

I recall one particularly cold southerly wind-blown morning with good mate Len; a fox that somehow still heard the Tenterfield whistle was coaxed up from a gully below us and dispatched. Now even on this very cold and windy morning, I felt very comfortable even in the inhospitable conditions with the Lamellar winter clothing on.

Also impressive is how well the clothing has protected me whilst moving through bushy and hard terrain. It is easy to see that this outfit is quality-made and should see me through quite a few more winters yet.

When hunting feral animals such as goats, pigs and foxes they had no idea of my approach and if I was spotted by an unseen animal as long as I had not been scented and stayed still, it would allow me to replan my stalk once the game had settled again.

The feral pig in the photo was glassed from above its position at about 400 yards. I stalked the pig without being noticed and the shot was taken at just under 50yards.




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