Nikko Stirling Laser King 4-12×42 riflescope

The latest addition to Highland Sports stable of riflescopes is the Laser King which offers some very desirable features at a price that should prove very attractive to shooters on a budget.

Since the mid-1950s when Nikko Stirling riflescopes were introduced by Fuller Firearms, they’ve gone on to become the most popular and widely sold brand of sports optics in Australia. Highland Sports who imports and distributes Nikko Stirling today offers an expanded line-up which includes several different grades of scopes starting with the: Mount Master range of rimfire scopes with Tip-Off mounts; the mid-range Game King which offers the choice of an illuminated reticle; the more upmarket Platinum one-inch and Platinum Nighteater 30mm series, which also includes the 30mm Euro Hunter with the option of an illuminated reticle; then there’s the Air King series designed to withstand the whiplashlike vibration of powerful springpiston air rifles. The Diamond series consists four models in the Diamond one-inch through the Diamond 30mm to a pair of refined Diamond Sportsman 10-50×60 high-range target scopes with Saddle focus and a choice of reticles.

Highland Sports sent me the latest Nikko Stirling Laser King 4-12×42 for review. Despite its reasonable price it performed its assigned tasks as well as some of the higher priced brands.

The Laser King scope provides the main benefits of a variable with 12x at the high end, which are definition and brightness, but is unique in having a laser built into the scope itself. The laser is mounted inside the objective at 12 o’clock and an on/off switch built-in to a third turret activates the laser. For convenience, LaserKing is supplied with a separate pressure switch which ensures that the laser is activated only when required. In the field the laser can spook game, so you install the remote switch by removing the third turret cap and replacing it with an identical threaded cap attached to the pressure switch with a coil lead. You press the switch and the red laser dot is projected onto the target. It is effective to a range of 150 metres, but can only be seen in dull light or after dark. It doesn’t show up too well in bright sunlight.




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