150 Hornady .312 Interlock

Hornady Breathes New Life Into .303s

150 Hornady .312 Interlock
150 Hornady .312 Interlock

Many hunters out there don’t realise that the 140-year old .303 British has been an effective hunting cartridge all that time throughout the Empire. Something that has helped it stay relevant is modern bullets. Now while the Hornady Interlock
bullet has been around since 1977, hunters who shoot (and kill) a lot and watch their pennies are still downing all sorts of game with this great bullet.
At 2700fps muzzle velocity, with a BC of .361, the 150gn .312 Interlock can be zeroed 3.7-inches high at 100 metres
and drop around 8-inches at 300 metres, while still delivering over 1300 ft-lbs of energy. Because of the bullet’s design features including:

  • Forward inner grooves to promote frontal expansion
  • A tapered jacket to control expansion at all velocities
  • A one-piece core for mass retention
  • A cannelure to facilitate crimping and ensure the core and jacket remain locked during expansion, with resultant retention of mass and energy.

The Hornady Interlock in the .303 is a perfect choice to go hammer and tongs with the .308 Winchester in the field.
One often unsung virtue of Interlocks is that they are normally highly accurate and consistent, possibly due to their sleek secant ogive and long bearing surface. Marcus swears by the little 123gn Hornady Interlock in his .303 Sporter, with which he has dropped foxes out to 180 metres and big billies at 200 metres with bullets driving through both shoulders and exiting.

The .310-diameter 123gn Interlock penetrated both shoulders of this big billy at 200 yards. He took five steps and collapsed.
The .310-diameter 123gn Interlock penetrated both shoulders of this big billy at 200 yards. He took five steps and collapsed.

On the range, they are the most incredibly accurate shorter-range target bullet many have ever shot through their rifles.
The 150 Interlock is a bit more of a good thing, extending the old rifles’ hunting and target range easily out to 300 metres. And when you can buy these in your local gun shop at less than $60 a hundred, you are on a winner.
Hornady Interlock projectiles come in all common calibres in factory ammo and as components and offer an economical performance bullet for 99 percent of Australian hunting situations.
Hornady bullets are distributed in Australia by OSA Autralia and Herrons Security and Sport. Look for them at your local gun shop.




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