.270 110gn V-Max

The .270 For Varmints

Nosler .270 Reloading page - 110gn
Nosler .270 Reloading page – 110gn

Q: I own a Model 70 Super Grade rifle in .270 Winchester with Kahles 4-12×50 scope that I’ve been using for deer hunting. Now I’d like to get a reload that will turn it into a long range varmint-predator outfit. Once, I read that you wore out eight barrels in your Brno ZG47 .270 pro roo and game shooting, but have you ever used the .270 on varmints? If so, can you suggest an accurate, flat shooting load with a light bullet, say the 90gn Sierra or 100gn AccuBond? The powder I have is AR2209, but I am willing to get another powder if it gives higher velocity. Can you give me the trajectory figures? In yards please. Where I live in western Queensland a lot of long range shots offer at dingoes and pigs.
Greg Stuart

A: Back in the 1970s I did a fair bit of varmint shooting with my ZG47 which had just had a new barrel fitted. After considerable experimenting with 90, 100 and 110gn bullets, I decided that the 110gn Hornady was best, but I’ve never shot a .270, regardless of make or weight that would shoot any 130gn bullet as well as the same gun would group the little Sierra 90 grainer. In several .270s, the Hornady 110gn PSP turned out to be the most accurate of all the light bullets. A good load with the 90gn SierraHP is 60gn of AR2209 for 3500fps. Sighted in 2.25″ high at 100yd., the 90 grainer zeroes at 250, is still 2″ high at 200,drops 3.75 at 300 and is 18″ low at 400. However, the fact that the 90gn Sierra is pretty wind sensitive really

.270 110gn V-Max
.270 110gn V-Max

bugs me. At ranges from 100 out to 400yd, it drifts twice as much as the 110gn in a 10 MPH wind. If I were you, I’d pass on both the 90 and 100gn bullets and use the 110gn AccuBond which would be much more effective should you encounter a large boar. Boost the 110gn AccuBond out at 3400fps ahead of 57gn of AR2209 or two grains less of W-760 and it shoots flat and slices through the wind like a hot knife through butter. It’s extremely accurate and and incredibly destructive. Hit a rabbit squarely with one of those bullets and it disintegrates sending bits flying in all directions. You gotta see it to believe it. Sighted in 2″ high at 100yd. it zeroes at 250, is 1.67″ high at 200, drops 2.80″ at 300 and 12.36 at 400. It also hits twice as hard as the 90 grainer at 200, 300 and 400yd.




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