Spika Trigger Spotlight

SPIKA Trigger Spot Light

Spika, well known for their range of outdoor apparel, safes and other accessories are constantly adding new product to their growing portfolio. Their latest addition is a new spotlight featuring a 15W ultra high-powered LED with a brightness of some 1200 lumens. Featuring an internal 3.7V-4Ah rechargeable Lithium battery, I’m told its working time is up to 2.5 hours of use. Known as the Spika Trigger Spot Light it features a 140mm reflector capable of throwing a spot beam up to 600 metres distant.
Lightweight and well designed, this unit offers maximum grip in its modern design and a conveniently placed trigger button for on/off operation. The Trigger Light by Spika offers a polycarbonate lens with polypropylene outer body housing. Next, a standard international mount thread is incorporated into the base of the handle for use on a remote unit, while it’s cordless operation ensures you can venture anywhere on foot without having to worry about chords getting tangled up or in the way. Another great feature with this spotlight is the fact that the unit comes complete with a USB cable which not only allows you to plug into a 240V wall charger, but also offers the versatility of a car charger plug and the option of re-charging via a portable power pack.
After fully charging the unit I took the spotlight out for a walk in the front paddock and was quite surprised at the power and brightness this little unit has to offer. Although not designed for a full night’s spotlighting, it did hold up very well for a couple of hours offering a spot beam at some 4-500 meters which was more than enough for a quick spotlight for a few rabbits or a couple of foxes.
The Spika Trigger Spot Light comes with a 2-year warranty and is well priced. Ask to see them at your local gun shop or visit www.spika.com.au




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Tony Pizzata

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