Lightforce New Enforcer

A high-quality HID spotlight casts a long beam.

The Lightforce Enforcer with Fresnel technology concentrates light.
Reviewed by Tony Pizzata

Lightforce continue to enhance their range of superior quality spotlights on a regular basis with new and innovative additions and modifications. Recently I was send one of their new Enforcer 140mm Hand Held lights for test and until I opened the box I was puzzled at what more they could possibly come up with to better what was already on offer.

Firstly, the new Enforcer LED 140 handheld introduces their Fresnel technology to our market. This specially designed lens referred to as a Fresnel Reflector will maximize light output and performance and combined with its inbuilt focussing mechanism, allows you to vary the beam from wide angle to long distance spot. The Enforcer LED 140 is incredibly lightweight at only 450 grams including its built in battery that will provide a 4-hour runtime plus up to 1 hour of reserve mode. You can even attach the Lightforce Ni-MH Enforcer battery, which is compatible with this unit to produce an extended runtime of up to 18 hours.

Next, the Enforcer’s ergonomic grip is shaped to fit your hand and allow easy, one-handed operation of the on/off switch, while its two-tone grey/black finish gives this new Lightforce model a distinct look. Another positive feature to this unit is its built-in LED charge light at the front-base of the grip that indicates charge level and remaining battery time. To charge the Enforcer simply remove the protective cover seal at the base of the handle and plug the DC input to the handle then connect the AC universal mains to a wall socket. The charge indicator at the base of the light will illuminate to indicate charge status and once fully charged, the led lights will go out. Lightforce also provide a range of optional accessories to compliment the enforcer LED 140. These include Figure 8 flex with alligator clips for direct battery connection, 2m coil chord with merit plus for use with Lightforce battery packs, an Enforcer mounting bracket and more.

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Tony Pizzata

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