Vortex binoculars already have a solid reputation amongst Australian hunters.

VORTEX-Razor HD Binoculars

Vortex Optics have gained an excellent reputation for quality and reliability here in Australia and are used not only by hunters and outdoorsmen, but also by many professional benchrest and target shooters with excellent results. While the Vortex range of spotting scopes, rifle scopes and binoculars is quite extensive, their Razor HD range are the pinnacle of their optical engineering, delivering a combination of advanced optical technologies and premium components. I recently had the opportunity to test a pair of their Razor HD binoculars, which are available in 8 and 10 x 42, 10 x 50 and 12 x 50mm.

The pair sent for evaluation was the Razor HD 10 x 42s. Of roof prism design, these binoculars weigh only 24.8 ounces and at a glance are very stylish and well made. What makes these binoculars so lightweight is the fact that they feature a magnesium chassis that not only makes them lightweight, but very strong. Add to this a rubber armour outer shell for rugged durability and easy grip, and you have a functional pair of high end binoculars that guarantee a high level of performance.

The first thing to do with new binoculars is to focus them to suit your eyes via the diopter adjustment, then lock the ring down so it remains fixed. Testing them out for clarity revealed amazing results. I couldn’t believe how sharp the resolution and edge to edge clarity was on these binoculars. The sight picture quality and true to life colour accuracy was as good as any high end pair of binoculars I’d used, and the centre focus wheel was extremely precise and easy to handle. Its APO optical system combined with HD glass and multi-layer prism coatings provides a very sharp, bright image, while ArmorTek, an exterior lens coating has also been added to protect against scratches, oil and dust on the outside of the glass. Seeing is believing with the Vortex Razor HD binoculars, so ask to see a pair at your local gun shop. You’ll be amazed at their clarity. Trade enquiries, contact Australian agents Extravision Pty. Ltd. Website: www.extravision.com.au





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Tony Pizzata

Tony's hunting career spans more than 50 years, from small game here in Australia through to big-game hunts around the globe. His first article was published in Sporting Shooter magazine almost 40 years, and he has worked full-time here as National Sales Manager and Field Editor for over 35 years. Tony's contribution to Sporting Shooter's solid foundations spans its printed history as well as its move to a digital future.