ZP1 deployed

ZP-1Mono Pod

ZP1 deployed

ZP1 deployed

The all-new ZP-1 is basically an auto stabilising monopod that fits to the rear of a rifle stock and replaces the recoil pad. Designed to be used in conjunction with a bi-pod, the new ZP-1 will no doubt enhance shooting accuracy by providing a third point of contact and hence stabilise the firearm when aiming. Easily adjustable it will allow quick target acquisition via an oil-dampened leg that is deployed with the touch of a button and hence creates a stand-alone shooting platform for the rear end of your firearm. Unlike a bi-pod that is manually set for height, the ZP-1 works via its reflex action and allows movement up or down via a smartly designed type of strut. Simply find your mark, hold and fire.

As the ZP-1 was designed in Australia, I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Gavin Lewis the brains behind the idea for an in-depth look at its design and a full run-down on how it all came to be. Gavin has been shooting and hunting for many years and was sick of having to carry heavy sandbags around when visiting the range or when hunting in the field so after years of trial, error and several prototypes, he eventually designed a unit using hydraulic dampening and later, with the help of a German company got the result he wanted in a very compact unit.

The next hurdle would be the stock profile option as Gavin wanted to ensure the replacement of the recoil pad with the ZP-1 was simple enough to do-it-yourself. Add to that minimal change to the overall length of pull, so it had to be slim enough also. After discussing options and tackling the problem with his good friend Graeme Walker, also a passionate shooter, the end result soon came to fruition and the ZP-1 was ready for release.

Prior to seeing the unit fitted, I must admit I thought it would probably be too heavy and bulky, but after testing the unit first hand was impressed and surprised at its weight, design and capability.

Firstly, the main body housing of the ZP-1 is made of a hardened plastic, yet extremely strong and durable. Next, the back of the unit features a rubber recoil pad made of a special dampening material designed to reduce felt recoil and impact. And finally, the main body of the stabilising monopod that simply screws into the monopod housing. While the ZP-1 is designed to fit directly onto Tikka T3 and Sako 75 and 85 rifles, it is also supplied with a multi-purpose adaptor plate that can be used to fit onto a multitude of other firearms. In addition, you can also purchase additional adaptor plates to fit onto other rifles and transfer the ZP-1 from one firearm to another.

ZP1 folded for carry

To fit the unit to your firearm simply remove the existing recoil pad and replace it with the ZP-1 using the adaptor plate for other make firearms. The design of the ZP-1 and its sleek profile to the stock ensures it won’t catch on your clothing when carrying or shouldering, nor get caught up in thick bush, as it simply clicks back into the body of the unit when not in use.

I was recently given a ZP-1 for test and fitted it to my Blaser chambered in 7mm Rem.Mag. using the adaptor plate supplied. As the plate was oversized it meant having to trim it down to the exact shape of the Blaser’s butt plate. Then simply screw the ZP-1 unit and the plate to the existing screw holes on my Blaser and the job was done. As I didn’t have the tools to neatly trim the adaptor plate to the correct shape and size of the Blaser’s butt plate I opted to get my gunsmith to complete. But it’s not a hard job to do if you have the correct tools.

Once you’ve fitted the ZP-1 simply push the release button to deploy the monopod. Now its oil-dampened leg will respond smoothly to your up or down motion for varying elevations, it’s that simple. After trialling the unit on a bench and on the ground in the field, I must admit I’m most impressed with its smoothness and the way it offers a very steady hold on the target. In fact, I’m sure I’ll get a second plate to fit to my Howa for added precision when sniping at long range.

At the time of writing Australian distributors Nioa had just received the first shipment of ZP-1’s so availability through your local retailer shouldn’t be a problem. In the mean time to find out more about this new accuracy enhancing product visit www.zp-1.com.au and check out their hands-on videos. Trade enquiries contact Australian agents www.nioa.com.au

ZP1 with packaging

ZP1 with packaging




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