BKL-278 - 200 Series 1" Scope Mount

BKL Scope Mounts

BKL-278 - 200 Series 1
BKL-278 – 200 Series 1″ Scope Mount

For air gun and rimfire enthusiasts BKL offer a range of scope mounts to fit any standard 3/8-inch rimfire or 1mm airgun dovetail. These mounts feature a strong one-piece clamping base allowing easy mounting of 1” and 30mm rifle or pistol scopes.
BKL also offer a patented “Auto-Centreing” system in these scope mounts to solve the problem of varying mounting rail widths. The way they work is simple, the clamping legs move equally as the clamping screws are tightened and hence keeping the scope centred on the rail. I’m told oversize mounting rails are also no problem as the clamping screws can be switched to spreader holes to evenly push the clamping legs apart and allow the mount base to slide onto the dovetail. Air

BKL offer a patented  “Auto-Centreing” system in these scope mounts to solve the problem of varying mounting rail widths.

gunners and rim fire shooters can also benefit from the multitude of pica tinny rail mounted optics and accessories with Bill’s Weaver/Picatinny to dovetail adaptor mounts. A product of Texas in the U.S.A. BKL Mounts are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium. With a large range to choose from they are finished in the choice of matte black or matte silver. BKL rings offer excellent quality for money and retail from as little as $49.00 a pair. Ask to see the full range at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries to C.R. Kennedy Pty. Ltd. www.crkennedy.com.au




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