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TSA Outdoors is an Australian based company who have been working with some of the worlds leading optics manufacturers for more than 50 years. Recently, however, they decided to design a range of optics specifically for Australian shooters by their own in-house team of highly qualified shooters and hunters right here in Australia. Almost three years in the making, the ZeroTech range of optics has finally arrived and I’m told is set to take the Aussie scope market by storm, offering quality riflescopes at very reasonable prices, with loads of features and an unconditional lifetime warranty. Now that represents value for money, not to mention the fact that whether you purchase the scope new or second hand off someone else, you are still covered by the warranty.

Recently Marcus and I visited the office of TSA Outdoors and met up with managing director Chris Watkins and Director of Sales Aaron Millard for a look at the new range of scopes. At a glace even the packaging was impressive let alone the price tag on these scopes, however, that’s not what makes them accurate so a proper field trial would be the real test. But first, let me tell you a little more about the range. Referred to as ZeroTech Precision Optics, the range includes several different series of scopes, designed to cater for Aussie target shooters, long range shooters, hunters, and even spotlighting applications.

The first in the range is their VENGEANCE Series featuring a 1” main tube with European style fast focus dioptre adjustment for clarity and sharpness through the ocular end of the scope. Available in 3-12 x 40 and 4.5-18 x 40mm, both these entry-level scopes offer 0.25 MOA click adjustment with Pop-Lok turrets offering quick, precise windage and elevation adjustment without having to remove and replace turret caps. Simply lift, make the required click adjustment and lock them back down. While the 3-12 x 40 comes with Duplex reticle, the 4.5-18 x 40mm offers their new PHR (Precision Hunter Reticle) and both are in the second focal plane. Add to this side parallax adjustment from 15 meters to infinity and you have a functional, well-made riflescope with fully multi-coated lenses and precise click adjustment that will suit a variety of shooting applications. The Vengeance range retail for approximately $299.00 to $349.00 and is finished in matt black.

Next is the THRIVE Series consisting of three versatile models including a 3-9 x 40, 3-12 x 44 and 4-16 x 50mm. These three scopes are all of 30mm tube construction, with capped turrets and 0.25 or ¬º MOA click adjustment. While the 3-9 x 40mm is available with Duplex reticle only, the 3-12 x 44 and 4-16 x 50mm scopes are available in the choice of Duplex or MILDOT reticle in the second focal plane and also feature side parallax adjustment from 10M to infinity. Other features include Fast focus adjustment on the ocular end combined with ZeroTech’s “Weathershield” lens coatings for crisp, clear viewing and excellent light transmission. The Thrive series also come with a soft neoprene cover to protect the scope. I’m told the RRP for the Thrive 3-9 x 40mm is around $299.00, RRP $399.00 for the 3-12 x 44mm and RRP $479.00 for the 4-16 x 50mm.

For those who’d like a few more options, the THRIVE HD Series takes the range to another level offering several additions and modifications to the Thrive Series. While the Thrive HD series are also of 30mm one-piece tube construction, with side parallax adjustment of 10M to infinity and the same precise click adjustment, these scopes offer 70 MOA of elevation travel as opposed to 60 MOA in the Thrive models, and HD alloy flip-up covers to protect the lenses. Further more, to ensure they won’t fall off, these alloy covers are actually attached via an internal thread on the scopes ocular and objective ends. Add to this, the choice of illuminated or non-illuminated centre dot, glass etched PHR-II reticle in the second Focal plane, with hold-over elevation stadia that can be correlated to your bullet drop and you’ll have no excuses for missing. For those who have never heard this term, Stadia is a method of measuring distance rapidly via graduated markings on the lower section of the cross hairs in this case. The thrive HD series is available in 2.5-15 x 50mm and retails for approximately RRP$799.00 non-illuminated or RRP$899.00 for the illuminated version. Also available is the 6-24 x 50mm Thrive HD non-illuminated for approximately RRP$649.00 or RRP$749.00 for the illuminated model.

Last but not least, the TRACE and TRACE ADV. are the ultimate in ZeroTech’s high-end line of riflescopes. Firstly the Trace series are available in 3-18 x 50 and 4.5-27 x 50mm, both of which are of 30mm. one-piece tube construction. Also featuring HD Alloy Flip-Up covers, Weathershild lens coatings and a glass-etched reticle in ZeroTech’s R3 SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticle, both these scopes offer PST (Precision Turret System) with Zero Stop for the long-range buff. Price range is RRP $899.00 and RRP $999.00 respectively. And finally the TRACE ADV. (advanced) Series featuring all the bells and whistles is available in 4.5-27 x 50mm. This riflescope while similar to the Trace Series in features also offers ZeroTech’s RMG Reticle in the first focal plane for serious long range shooting.

At the time of writing ZeroTech Precision optics had just been released with seven more riflescopes in the pipeline and a full range of binoculars planned for the near future. Taking into consideration their price tag and Lifetime Warranty offer of “Any owner, any problem, always covered” these scopes are well worth a look when considering the purchase of a new riflescope.

I’ll be fitting a ZeroTech Thrive HD to one of my favourite firearms for test over the coming weeks and will report on it’s precision and accuracy in an up and coming issue so keep watching this space. In the mean time to find out more about the ZeroTech range of riflescopes designed for the Aussie market by Aussie hunters and shooters ask at your local gun shop or visit




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