STYRKA S7 Series 2.5-15x50 Plex w/ Side Focus & Illuminated Reticle


STYRKA S9 Series 8x42
STYRKA S9 Series 8×42

New to the Australian market is an exciting range of optics that offers true value for money. Known as the Styrka range of optics they incorporate a selection of riflescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars and even red dot sights. Based in Eagen, Minnesota, Styrka has already made its mark in the USA and will no doubt impress Aussie outdoorsmen and women as well. A short time ago Marcus and I met up with Australian distributor James Keech of Ground Force International who told us that the full range should be hitting our shores by December and will be available in-store shortly after. (In fact I have recently been told that they will be available in approximately 30-40 stores nation wide.) Producing several samples for us to take a look at they seemed very well made. “Why would you want to introduce another range of optics into a seemingly flooded market?” I asked. Well he exclaimed, “We want to offer users a quality product at an affordable price”. In fact Styrka are founded on giving an honest product for an honest price and that’s what I thought at a glance.
Producing a pair of binoculars, he handed them to me for a look and I must say they looked and felt like quality. I’m referring to their Styrka S9 Series which are available in 8 and 10 x 42 and also 15 x 56 and the same could be said about the riflescope he showed us. While it’s hard to evaluate a product over the counter, I must say the edge to edge clarity of the binoculars were excellent and the price for these binoculars were well below what I thought they would be.
Styrka have a long history in optics from what I can gather and are by no means a newcomer to the optics industry. In fact they are part of an old established company that produced the Celestron range of optics and I’m told one of the largest and best known telescope manufacturers.
Without giving any more away, we agreed he should send our technical editor Uncle Nick a few sample to evaluate and report on, so don’t miss March or April issue for a full report on the full range of Styrka Optics. In the mean time to find out more or to find you’re nearest dealer visit

STYRKA S7 Series 2.5-15x50 Plex w/ Side Focus & Illuminated Reticle
STYRKA S7 Series 2.5-15×50 Plex w/ Side Focus & Illuminated Reticle

Editor’s comment: I was speaking with Nick Harvey recently; he was very favourably impressed with the quality, construction and optical clarity of these products. You will see the test report in the May issue of Sporting Shooter – out in early April.




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