Max Comp Case Cleaner/Tumbler

MaxComp Case Cleaning Tools

Max Comp Case Cleaner/Tumbler
Max Comp Case Cleaner/Tumbler

Max Comp by ProTactical offer a large range of reloading accessories for the hand loader. These include re-loading trays, bullet pullers, deburring tools, powder tricklers, calipers and the list goes on. For those who choose to clean their spent cases prior to reloading, Max-Comp also offer a range of ultrasonic cleaning units as well as the traditional electronic case tumbler.
Firstly, their ultrasonic cleaning units are available in 2.5 litre or 6 litre capacity. The way this system works is the ultrasonic cleaning method paired with an appropriate cleaning solution sends vibration through the case and loosens dirt and residue leaving a clean but unpolished case. Next is their Max-Clean electronic case tumbler available in a 3.5 litre capacity. This system paired with Max-Clean’s case tumbler media, which is made up of either corn cob or walnut shell will very quickly and effectively polish and clean the inside and outside of tarnished and dirty unprimed cases. I’ve used a case tumbler for as long as I can remember when reloading and in my opinion is most effective even on badly tarnished brass. The Max-Comp ultrasonic units retail for around the $250.00 mark for the 2.5 litre model and $550.00 for the 6.5 litre model. While the Max-Clean 3.5litre Case Tumbler retails for around $129.00 plus $50.00 for the media that lasts for a long time. Ask to see the full range of Max-Comp reloading accessories at your local gun shop or visit Trade enquiries contact ProTactical.

MaxComp 2.5 Litre Ultrasonic Case Cleaner
MaxComp 2.5 Litre Ultrasonic Case Cleaner




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