Night Prowler 6-9-inch Bipod

Night Prowler Bipod

Night Prowler Bipod from Tasco
Night Prowler Bipod from Tasco

An accurate firearm and ammunition with good optics are the basis of making that clean, accurate, once in a lifetime shot. But no matter how accurate the firearm is you still need a steady rest. At the range or in the field a bipod makes good sense and will improve your accuracy and consistency. On today’s market there are several brands available and most are reasonably good, however, some will meet your needs better than others.

If you only shoot at the range then some of the heavier models might suit your needs and consistently shooting on a flat bench will probably mean you don’t require a bipod that swivels. However, for all round use I prefer something that’s lightweight, will allow you to swivel the firearm to eliminate any scope-cant when lining up the crosshairs on an uneven surface and the list goes on.

I was recently sent an adjustable pivot bipod, which is a part of the Night Prowler range, who also produces driving lights and spotlights. The full range is distributed here in Australia by Tasco Sales Australia (TSA). The Night Prowler bipod is available in 6”-9” or 9”-13” and felt of sturdy design yet very lightweight compared to other models. For field use I was after something that ticked all the boxes including the price tag and the Night Prowler at a glance did all that.

Night Prowler 6-9-inch Bipod
Night Prowler 6-9-inch Bipod

Firstly, this model offers spring-loaded legs with leg height notches and generous non-slip rubber feet. Next, well-tensioned leg springs for better stability and an extended, easy to grip clamp adjustment screw to tighten the stud clamp to the firearms sling stud is also included. The forend cradle is also well padded for protection to the stock and positive stock to bipod attachment. As mentioned earlier for field use or on uneven surfaces, it is imperative in my opinion you are able to cant your firearm in the bipod’s cradle so your scope is sitting level when aiming. This feature is also present with a knurled adjustment screw at the rear of the bipod to allow the desired tension to its pivoting cradle.

To fit the night prowler adjustable Pivot Bipod, simply remove the small plastic sleeve from the sling swivel stud clamp, attach the bipod and tighten the clamp adjustment screw. The sling can then be reattached to the firearms bipod through the holes in the bottom of the stud clamp. For my all round field or range use, the Night Prowler pivoting bipod ticks all the boxes in my opinion. Ask to see them at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries contact: Australian Distributors Tasco Sales Australia (TSA). Web:




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