Sierra Prairie Enemy ammunition

Sierra Prairie Enemy .223 varmint ammunition

Prairie Enemy ammunition is designed to deliver the match-grade accuracy and devastating explosive performance that is expected by the most demanding of varmint hunters.

This ammo uses some of the best components available, including nickel-plated cases to help with reliable feeding, especially in the new lever-release style of rifles.

Fox shot with Sierra Prairie Enemy ammunition
This fox was hit at 110m with Prairie Enemy ammunition. That’s the entry wound!

We’ve sampled a couple of boxes already in a Tikka T3 and SCSA Taipan pump-action and saw excellent accuracy out of both: an average of just under 1 MOA from three three-shot groups in the Tikka and just over MOA in the Taipan.

It was highly effective against foxes, too, with instant kills on two at 110m and 130m respectively.

Prairie Enemy ammunition utilises Sierra’s BlitzKing bullets that offer high ballistic coefficients and high velocities.

These bullets are designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game and with the accuracy characteristic of the world-renowned MatchKing bullets.

The tips of these bullets are made of a proprietary compound, and the jackets are thin for enhanced accuracy and explosive expansion.

Available in .223 Rem, Sierra Prairie Enemy ammunition has the same 55-grain BlitzKing that has terrorised varmints for years.

Known for superior accuracy and devastating expansion, this load will perform shot after shot.

Ask for them at your local gun shop or find out more at the OSA Australia website.




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