Howa Carbon Stalker & Carbon Elevate lightweight mountain hunting rifles

Howa Super Lite & Carbon Elevate lightweight mountain rifles

The Howa Super Lite is the perfect companion for hunters and shooters who require a lightweight firearm starting at less than 2kg bare.

The Super Lite is available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308, and the Carbon Elevate comes in those two calibres as well as 6.5 PRC and .300 Win Mag.

Both models are fitted in an excellent carbon-fibre stock that ensures the weight is kept at a minimum.

The stock, produced by Stocky’s in the USA, has a Limbsaver butt pad to ensure it is comfortable to shoot even in larger calibres. The stock holds the action in the patented AccuBlock bed to maximise accuracy.

Pleasing to the eye, the Super Lite features a beautiful spider-web finish over a grey stock, plus standard swivel studs.

Howa’s Carbon Elevate represents the next level of Model 1500 performance and value, being tough and particularly lightweight thanks to a carbon-fibre stock and carbon-wrapped barrel.

The Carbon Elevate delivers the same Howa accuracy we have become accustomed to along with a host of great features.

Other features include threaded barrel and two-position safety.

Light and accurate, the Howa Carbon Elevate is an ideal mountain rifle at an affordable price.

These rifles are available as a complete unit and I’m told you can also purchase just the carbon-fibre wrapped stock on its own to fit certain other Howa models, but check with your dealer.

They’re now available through your local gun shop.

For more details visit the OSA Australia website.




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Tony Pizzata

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