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Hunting Trophies

When travelling overseas for that hunting trip of a lifetime it pays to do your homework if you intend to bring your trophy back into Australia. I for one have been doing so for the past 40 years and let me tell you first hand, it ain’t getting any easier. If you are taking your own firearm, then Firearms Registry and Australian Customs need to be involved. If you are lucky enough to take a trophy, then permits and a host of red tape are a nightmare. If your skins come back salted, tanned or fully mounted by an overseas taxidermist, then you’ll need AQIS permits and possibly other departments’ involvment if they are CITIES listed or require a CITIES permit. Clearance has often taken me all day at the Customs office then AQIS have to inspect the shipment which requires either delivery to an AQIS office or AQIS attending the bond where the goods are located.

Recently, I was introduced to Nick Bence, trophy consultant for Raitt International Freight. This family-owned business commenced specialising in the import and export of hunting trophies back in 1993 and with Nick doing a lot of hunting himself, he knows what’s required when trying to bring back trophies. He’s also a member of Safari Club Int.(SCI) both here in Australia and the U.S.A. and the Professional Hunters Association Of South Africa (PHASA). While experienced and active in all aspects of international logistics, I’m told they specialise in hunting trophies and boast a network of over 370 cities throughout 123 countries, with 650 member offices worldwide including all major Capital Cities within Australia.

I’m also told their name has become familiar to many taxidermists, outfitters and hunters throughout Africa, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Europe and indeed Australia to name a few.
To cut a long story short, if you are planning a hunting trip overseas or have already done one and require assistance bring your trophies home, Raitt international Freight can organise the whole process. In fact Nick tells me all you need to do is give him details of where the goods are located and he can arrange pick-up, export, clearance from both ends and delivery to your door step. While Raitt International Freight are based in Brisbane, they will ensure the import or export of a consignment is delivered safely anywhere with Australia. If you would like to know more about their services you can email Nick at or phone him on 07 38683222.




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Tony Pizzata

Tony's hunting career spans more than 50 years, from small game here in Australia through to big-game hunts around the globe. His first article was published in Sporting Shooter magazine almost 40 years, and he has worked full-time here as National Sales Manager and Field Editor for over 35 years. Tony's contribution to Sporting Shooter's solid foundations spans its printed history as well as its move to a digital future.