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From the makers of the well-known Gerber range of knives and other cutlery comes the Vital Series. This range includes a fixed and pocket folder, Skin & Gut knife and the Zip for use when field dressing game. Firstly, the Vital Fixed Blade. This smart little knife offers an overall length of 7.2 inches with highly visual orange grips and rubber over-mould for a non-slip grip when skinning or caping. The Vital Fixed Blade features an exchange-a blade system whereby you simply replace the blade when it becomes dull with a new one. Extremely sharp, it mimics a surgical knife and is ideal for trophy hunters when caping out a head for a full body or shoulder mount. Equally at home for other skinning tasks as well, the Vital by Gerber comes complete with several spare blades, which are also readily available for replacement from your local dealer when you run out.

These blades are easy to fit and safely lock in to place via a “no extra tools required” system that’s safe and secure. Simply press the locking mechanism clip to remove or replace and the jobs done. What’s more, the Vital’s large finger choil and larger width gives it a solid, comfortable grip. Safe, reliable and never dull, the Vital fixed blade comes with a plastic cover to protect the blade and its bright orange colour ensures it’s highly visible and won’t be left behind in the bush. For those who prefer a folder, the same is available in a folding configuration.

Next is the Vital Skin & Gut Knife, this unit features a gut hook on the top of the blade to simply zip-open a carcass when skinning and a round blade shape, suitable more so for flaying the skin away from the carcass. This style of blade is used by many big game hunters overseas on game such as elk, moose and bear and its unique shape does the job nicely. Unlike a traditional style knife, the grip is shaped in a “T” handle for better grip when zipping open a carcass. The Vital Skin & Gut knife features an overall length of 5.5 inches and comes complete with a handy sheath.

Last but not least, the vital Zip is a cleverly engineered tool designed to gain fast, easy access, be it to cut rope, clothing and many other materials quickly.

This unit comes complete with two replaceable blades and is ideal around camp for trimming branches etc. RRP for both the Vital folder and fixed blade Knife is around $65.95 with six replaceable blades. RRP for the Vital Skin & Gut – $32.95 and the Vital Zip- $29.95. To see the full series of Vital cutlery by Gerber, ask at your local gun shop or visit www.winchesteraustralia.com.au




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Tony Pizzata

Tony's hunting career spans more than 50 years, from small game here in Australia through to big-game hunts around the globe. His first article was published in Sporting Shooter magazine almost 40 years, and he has worked full-time here as National Sales Manager and Field Editor for over 35 years. Tony's contribution to Sporting Shooter's solid foundations spans its printed history as well as its move to a digital future.