Huglu Over-Under 12 gauge

New Huglu Shotguns

Huglu Over-Under 12 gauge
Huglu Over-Under 12 gauge

Winchester Australia has recently welcomed a new firearm brand to its stable of long arms referred to as the Huglu shotgun range. This range incorporates a wide spectrum of options for the shotgun enthusiast and at the time of writing, I’m told it includes single barrel, double barrel-side by side and over/under in blued or camo pattern. Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative has been in business since 1914 and are a well respected Turkish manufacturer employing over 450 people. Today they export 80% of their shotgun products to more than 50 countries around the world.

At a glance, the range for Aussies incorporates a single barrel in the choice of .410 or 12 ga. with Turkish walnut stock, silver finish receiver and external hammer. Next is the classic look, side by side in 12gauge with manual safety, carefully selected Turkish walnut stock, silver finish receiver and 5 x multi chokes with a plastic carry case. And finally a selection of over/under shotguns in the choice of 20ga or 12ga. Both come with multi-chokes and a host of features.

Marcus and I handled one a while back at Winchester Headquarters in Gellong and were impressed by the fit and finish.

Technical editor Nick Harvey has one to test and will give a full run down on the new Huglu range in an up and coming issue, however, in the mean time for more information ask at your local gun shop or visit




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