Gunwerks: Performance in a lightweight rifle

If you are a serious long-range shooter or mountain hunter, you’ve probably heard of Gunwerks. For those who haven’t, Gunwerks is a modest firearm manufacturer based in Cody, Wyoming that prides itself on quality rather than quantity.

The product portfolio includes first and foremost a range of rifle systems to suit the long-range target shooter and serious mountain hunter who requires a firearm that has all the bells and whistles when it comes to accuracy and precision, particularly in a lightweight package.

Gunwerks also offers the Revic range of optics, which includes smart riflescopes, rangefinders and more, all with the long-range shooter in mind.

For example, I’m told the Gunwerks HamR long-range rifle, which features a carbon-wrap barrel and military-style chassis, is capable of accurate shooting over 3km. For hunters, the Magnus and Verdict rifle systems are also an excellent choice.

However, I managed to have a look at what’s considered the ultimate in mountain hunting rifles. Referred to as the ClymR Rifle System, it features a carbon-wrap barrel and carbon-fibre stock (a fibreglass stock also available).

The ClymR is available in a huge selection of calibres and was designed as the ultimate mountain hunting rifle, as it’s lightweight, perfectly balanced and features long-range capability in barrels as short as 18 inches and up to 22 inches.

Make no mistake, these are not an off-the-shelf rifle but more a custom-built gun to your requirements, with a long list of options when it comes to things like stock and barrel finish, calibre and accessories.

Other features include an optional titanium action, indexing directional muzzle brake, choice of detachable magazine or hinged floor plate, and all in an overall weight of just under 2.7kg depending on the accessories you choose. It also offers a negative-rise comb that minimises muzzle jump and, combined with the directional brake, minimises recoil regardless of calibre, even on this very lightweight firearm.

This perfectly built mountain hunting rifle is engineered from the ground up, taking into careful consideration size, weight and performance.

In additional to all this, the team at Gunwerks can supply the perfect load to suit your choice of calibre for target or hunting purposes. Gunwerks will guarantee exceptional accuracy over short- or long-range shooting.

The good news for Aussie hunters and shooters is the fact Gunwerks firearms are now available in Australia through Wilderness Precision, based in NSW. Keep an eye out for a full review of the Gunwerks ClymR in an up and coming issue of Sporting Shooter magazine.

In the meantime, to find out more about this exciting new range of firearms visit or email Josh Rafin at




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Tony Pizzata

Tony's hunting career spans more than 50 years, from small game here in Australia through to big-game hunts around the globe. His first article was published in Sporting Shooter magazine almost 40 years, and he has worked full-time here as National Sales Manager and Field Editor for over 35 years. Tony's contribution to Sporting Shooter's solid foundations spans its printed history as well as its move to a digital future.