The Lightforce Enforcer LED 140

NEW- Enforcer LED140 Red-White

The Lightforce Enforcer LED 140

The Lightforce Enforcer LED 140

In previous issues we have reviewed the Lightforce LED 140 Enforcer and all it’s features, however, this new addition to the LED Enforcer range of hand held lights by Lightforce is referred to as the Enforcer LED 140 Red-White with additional features and significant improvements to the lens and reflector design. Firstly, the big news is the fact that this new light offers a switch that allows the light emitted to be changed from white to red without having to fit a filter.

As many spotlighters will know, a bright light is great when searching for game, but once spotted, they sometimes become shy and won’t hold still under a strong beam. I’ve found that when spotlighting for foxes in particular, I tend to hold the fox in the outer shade of the lights beam in an effort to hold him still for the shot. This, I’ve found makes game feel they are undetected and a little more obscured in the shade of the light. The other alternative is to fit a red filter as used by many shooters in the past. The new Enforcer LED140 Red-White has taken care of that via it’s red to white capability at the flick of a switch. This is achieved via red and white diodes, allowing maximum performance in the one light and without having to fumble for filters in the field. I’m constantly amazed at just how much technology and added features Lightforce put into all their products, but then again, their design and technology team are made of hunters and shooters who know what we need to get the job done and constantly come up with ideas to better their product. Innovators not imitators are what sort Lightforce product from the rest is my opinion, as they always seem to be the first to come out with new ideas.

In addition to all of the above, the new Enforcer LED 140 Red-White still incorporates the same Fresnel Technology for maximum light output and performance as discussed in previous editorial on the Enforcer range, a built –in 4 Hour Long Life Battery and built-in LED charge indicators. I’ve found that both the lens and body of all Lightforce spotlights are virtually indestructible under normal use. They are also Australian made and comes with a 3 year warranty (not including the internal battery). For further details visit or ask at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries contact Lightforce Australia Pty. Ltd.




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