Weihrauch HW110ST Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle

NEW Air Rifles from Weihrauch

Weihrauch HW97k Underlever Spring Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW97k Underlever Spring Air Rifle

Made in Germany, Weihrauch offer air rifles, air pistols and small bore repeaters for target shooting and hunting. Extremely well known for their accuracy and reliability Weihrauch air rifles need no introduction. In fact their constant development and modification ensures they continue to meet all requirements for the every day target plinker through to competition shooters around the world.
At the time of writing Australian distributors Alcock and Pierce tell me they were about to announce the return of the HW97k model range with new “Air Stripper Muzzle Weight” which has been specially designed exclusively for the Australian market. The way it works is the Air-Stripper takes away the turbulent air around the pellet as it leaves the barrel, thus I’m told reducing recoil and giving higher precision. These are soon to become available in Synthetic Thumbhole, Wood, Laminate and Thumbhole Wood Stock choices in calibres .177 or .22.

Weihrauch HW110ST Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW110ST Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle

The other new model is the HW110ST PCP pre-charged airgun. Weihrauch have produced this brand new design from the ground up. This air rifle offers recoil-less PCP with 10 shot magazine, smooth easy cocking action and a soft-touch black stock. It also offers a picatinny rail fitted to it for attachment of a scope. I’m also told the HW110ST PCP air rifle offers 45 shots full power with each charge of air. This model is also available in .177 or .22.
Last but not least, the Weihrauch Models HW60J and HW66 is now available in .17 Hornet. The HW60J in classic European walnut stock with checkering and open sights, standard sporter barrel and direct 1400g trigger is precision at it’s best for the varminter, while the HW66 Production offers American style ambidextrous stock with medium weight barrel. I’m told all will be available October 2017 some time, so for further details ask at your local gun shop . Trade enquiries contact Australian agents for Weihrauch -Alcock & Pierce Pty. Ltd.
Keep an eye out in an up and coming issue of Sporting Shooter for a full review by our technical editor Nick Harvey.




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