Ridgeline Warm Weather Gear

Ridgeline Sable Long Sleeve Zip Top

When out hunting in warmer conditions you need to dress accordingly so fleecy gear and the likes is a bit much for any hunter to be trekking around in during the summer. Much of today’s hunting apparel is made for the cooler climate and definitely not for our Northern regions or for those who venture out in the summer months. With this in mind, Ridgeline offer multi season apparel which simply means that no matter the weather conditions, hot, cold or inclement, they have you covered.
For example, in wet conditions they offer garments like the Torrent II jacket and pants, the Mallard Jacket and more. For cool to cold weather they offer a large range of fleece jackets and pants, most of which are in a soft shell fabric that is extremely

Ridgeline Sable Airflow Cap in Buffalo Camo

quite in the bush yet very warm and water/wind resistant. In fact I’m told Ridgeline offer several new garments in their Pro Hunt Fleece jackets and pants in Nature Green and Grassland camo that are lightweight and incorporate a host features. Their Pro Hunt fleece jacket and pants are made of 280gsm Southern Star fleece and incorporates a waterproof membrane, while their Pro Lite soft-shell jacket is slightly lighter and designed for all day comfort.

But what about summer when many of us are up North chasing pigs and buffalo or the hard-core hunter who chooses to hunt all year round? Well, for you I’m pleased to say Ridgeline produce a range of cotton/canvas gear in their Territory II shirt and pants that are specifically designed for Australian conditions. For real hot weather, however, they also offer their “Sable” mesh range in long sleeve tops and pants. This lightweight material in “Airflow” fabric will keep you cool and is also very quick drying. I wore a Sable long sleeve zip top and sable Airflow mesh pants on a recent trip to the Territory and was most impressed with how quickly they dry if you get them wet crossing creeks or rivers. Add to that the fact they are so lightweight and they are definitely an excellent choice for hot weather conditions. While on the subject of hot wether gear, I recently reviewed Ridgelines Camlite boot. These too are excellent for hot weather conditions, very lightweight and built for Aussie conditions. At the time of writing Ridgeline tell me there are several new products about to be released for warm weather hunters and an exciting new range of winter gear. I’ll keep you posted in up and coming issues. To see their full range, ask at your local gun shop or visit www.ridgelineclothing.com.au

Ridgeline Sable Airflow Pant
Ridgeline Sable Airflow Pant




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