Martin Auldist was hunting ducks in his Deerhunter Avanti jacket and trousers when this fox strolled by - clearly it didn't see him!

Deerhunter Avanti Hunting Clothes

Deerhunter hunting clothes are manufactured by a family-owned Danish company that has been in operation since 1927. Over that time they have forged a reputation for producing quality kit that is sold in over 30 countries. That’s why I was so pleased when Sporting Shooter sales manager Tony Pizzata thrust a set of Deerhunter Avanti jacket and trousers into my hands for testing.

Both the Avanti jackets and trousers are constructed from a polyester outer shell that incorporates a patented “Deer-Tex” membrane. This non-porous polyurethane membrane is 100% windproof and waterproof, but also 100% breathable. The Avanti outfit is not heavy gear, though, and has a recommended temperature range of between 5 and 25oC – perfect for many Australian hunting conditions. The outside of the garment is soft brushed tricot, while on the inside both the jacket and trousers are lined for extra comfort. The machine-washable Avanti gear is available in two different colours: the Advantage wetlands pattern, which is the one I was given to test, and the Realtree Xtra.

That’s all very well, but how does it perform? In a nutshell, I’ve been very impressed so far. I first wore the Avanti gear on the last day of the Victorian duck season. The ducks weren’t at home that day, but I did nail a fox that tried to sneak past. I have also recently worn the Avanti gear on a quick sambar hunt into the High Country. Overall I have found the jacket and pants to be extremely comfortable. They stretch easily to allow for ease of movement and aren’t too heavy. What’s more they are very quiet in the bush, with branches scraping against them eliciting no more than a faint rustle. The Advantage camouflage pattern is perfect for cumbungi swamps or other wetland and blends in perfectly well in the High Country forest too.

The Deerhunter Avanti jacket comes with a hood for greater comfort during inclement weather.The Avanti jacket from Deerhunter comes with a hood for extra comfort during inclement weather.

The Avanti jacket comes with a hood to keep the rain off your noggin, a massive zip-up game pocket on the back, a radio pocket on the left breast and two gear pockets on the left and right of the lower front. The jacket has a good strong zip right down the front and the seal is reinforced by an over-lapping stud-fastened lapel. The sleeves are also adjustable by means of stud fasteners. The trousers, meanwhile, have an elastic adjustable waistband and adjustable, stud fastened cuffs.

Overall I reckon if you’re looking for some quality hunting clothes that are eminently suitable for all kinds of Australian hunting conditions, the Deerhunter Avanti outfit is well worthy of consideration. I’ll be giving the gear a proper work out over the coming weeks and you can check out my full report in a future edition of Sporting Shooter.

For more information or to place an order, contact C & A Outdoors in Morwell, Victoria, on 03 5134 8038, or click HERE.

The Advantage camo pattern of the Avanti jacket was probably more suitable for duck hunters in the wetlands but was equally at home in the Victorian High Country.The Advantage camo pattern of the Avanti jacket was probably more suitable for duck hunters in the wetlands, but was equally at home in the Victorian High Country.




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