Feral cats carry a parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis that is deadly to native Australian marsupials.

Snap Shots: More Evidence Against Feral Cats

Toxoplasmosis: yet another reason to target feral cats

Here’s yet another reason we should all get out there and whack some feral cats, as if we needed any convincing. In addition to the millions of animals that cats kill directly each night, cats also spread a parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis.  According to an article on The Conversation website, written by a wildlife ecologist from the Unversity of Tasmania, Australian native marsupials are very susceptible to this disease and frequently die within weeks of infection.

Panther legend refuses to die

Another big. black cat sighting, another grainy, inconclusive photograph. According to this strory in the Sydney Morning Herald, a “startled couple from Goulburn” are 110% certain it was a panther that passed outside their kitchen window. They’re longing for it to come back so they can take another photo – hopefully they’ll figure out how the autofocus works before they do.

Foxes under fire in NSW

Finally the NSW Government has taken steps towards instituting a pest control order on foxes. According to an article from the ABC, Agriculture Minister Katrina Hodgkinson says it’s more than time foxes were considered as destructive as feral pigs, rabbits and wild dogs. Meanwhile, further information on the NSW DPI website says that that the control order would mean that acquiring foxes to keep as pets would be illegal, though those with existing pet foxes would be allowed keep them.

Animal Justice Party rallies in Melbourne

In news from Victoria, animal activists campaigning against, well, just about everything, have held a very small rally at the steps of Parliament House, and have vowed to run for Parliament to help “give animals back some power”. According to an article in The Age, representatives of the Animal Justice Party will stand against recreational duck hunting, jumps racing and puppy farms.

Help Gibbo Win!

To finish, we have a video from well-known hunter, photograper and author Michael ‘Gibbo’ Gibson. It’s a digiscoped video featuring wild Australian red deer and it’s been entered into Swarovski’s Digiscoper of the Year competition.  Check out the video HERE, then cast your vote. You’ll have to log in and register, but it’ll be worth it to help a hunter beat the bird watchers!





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