Alcock & Pierce fox trap

Foldable fox trap

As most will know, I enjoy my fox whistling during the cooler months, but by the end of June I find they tend to go off the whistle. That said, if you want to catch a fox or other small pests around the chicken coop or house paddock, Alcock & Pierce have introduced a foldable trap cage that will do the job.

In the past I have tried similar models that were a lot smaller is dimension and worked fine for smaller pests like possums, but a cagey fox will think twice about entering a small enclosure.

This trap is available in two sizes, a smaller model for pests like rabbits and possums or this extra-large model that measures 123cm long by 55cm high by 46cm wide.

The unit is made of 3mm galvanised wire that’s strong enough and rust resistant.

The trap features a spring-loaded door with foot plate mechanism that will set off the gate latch and lock the door behind a fox.

What’s more, the cage is easy to assemble without any tools and when not in use can be folded down and stored for next time.

Other features include a handle on top for ease of carriage and a metal plate for hand protection.

The trap could also be used as a carry cage for pets when travelling or a feeding box for rabbits or chickens out on the lawn.

Ask to see both models at your local gun shop or for further details contact Australian distributors Alcock & Pierce by email or phone on 03 9738 2400.




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