Really Smart Gun Rest – FIRST LOOK!

Reviewed by Marcus O’Dean

I don’t know why it is, but I am always skeptical about new technology and wild-assed solutions to problems that never should have existed in the first place, particularly in the world of shooting and hunting and I must admit, I was leaning that way when Michael, from Eagleye Hunting Gear introduced me to the Nitroforce SR-01 Smartrest.

I have spent years building up my shooting skills to be adaptable to any hasty or improvised rest in the field or at the range and had my doubts about the Nitroforce, but let me tell you shooters out there, it performed way beyond my expectations last weekend at ANZAC Rifle Range at 200 metres, when we had five young inner-city, late-sipping young hipsters (actually they were really nice young blokes) come out to try shooting for the very first time.

Nitroforce in use

I had to coach three of them and my mate Blake (he’s the big bloke in the background shooting the No4 .303) coached the others. We agreed that we needed to give these guys the maximum chance to experience success, so Blake got them shooting his tricked-up .223 Howa Varminter over a bipod and I used my CZ .223 Varminter over the Nitroforce, which was simply marvellous.

Adapting to three different new shooters’ anatomy and position on the mound was really easy and quick; the boys could assume a natural prone position around the compact Nitroforce without having to contort themselves and they all got all shots on the relatively large snap targets, scoring 100/100 while attaining very small groups in the order of 5-6 inches right in the middle.

Nitroforce gun rest

They were rapt in their performance and I was frankly rapt in the light weight, quality, performance, versatility and genuinely useful innovative nature of this product. Now I will be writing a full-on review for the November issue of Sporting Shooter magazine after extended testing and will outline all the features of the Nitroforce, so look out for it. Meanwhile you can have a look at Eagleye’s youtube video of it being used during development.

If you can’t wait though, ask for them at your local gunshop. You can see the video at




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