NSW Police Firearms Registry to hold public forum

The NSW Firearms Registry is conducting a Regional Forum in Queanbeyan on16 April 2018at the Bicentennial Hall in Queanbeyan commencing at 5.30.

It has not been well publicised in the electorate, and is occurring on a day that is in the first week of the school holidays when many shall be away, although I am sure these occurrences are purely coincidental.

Mr Barilaro, who is the local member and also Deputy Premier, and a National Party Member has indicated that he shall be attending.

In what capacity he is attending I am unsure, and I submit his attendance is rather unfortunate, and indicates that neither Mr Barilaro, nor the Firearms Registry are fully cognisant of the separation of powers doctrine.

Under the Westminster system of government, we have a separation of powers, the Legislature makes the laws, the Judiciary interprets the laws and the Executive (in this case the Firearms Registry) puts these laws into operation.

I am rather surprised that in this context the Firearms Registry are allowing themselves to be used politically in a Ministers electorate.

Bruce Lyons, the Director of the Registry has described this as an opportunity for the community to get ‘advice and guidance’. So it is not really an opportunity to criticise, and I am sure any criticisms about processing delays shall be met with the usual bureaucratic platitudes.

Shall I attend? I don’t know- I am not in favour of the way ‘community consultation’ seems to be moving in Australia at the moment, particularly in respect to firearms, and sometimes ones attendance adds a degree of gravitas to a meeting that it does not deserve.

I note I have previously extended an invitation to Mr Barilaro to meet with me in respect to firearms laws he has so far failed to take up this offer.

Simom Munslow

Official Release

The NSW Police Firearms Registry is holding a public forum in Queanbeyan.

When: 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Monday April 16, 2018
Where: Queanbeyan Bicentennial Hall, 253 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan

The forum is a key opportunity for the Registry to work with a range of stakeholders including governmental and non-governmental on issues relevant to the local community.

NSW’s deputy premier John Barilaro MP will be attending the forum.

Mr Barilaro also holds the portfolios for Regional New South Wales, Skills, and Small Business.

The forum allows the community to meet with representatives from NSW Police Firearms Registry and stakeholder groups.

Forums have been held in a number of regional areas of NSW and is an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute.

Firearms registry director, Bruce Lyons, said these forums were a good opportunity for people involved in shooting activities, including clubs and ranges, across the state to get advice and guidance about firearms licensing matters.

The Forum Group, including senior managers from the Firearms Registry, will be available to answer questions from the local community.




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