Speer Bullets

Speer Bullets for Handloaders

Originally released in 2011 in both Federal Premium and CCI factory ammo, Lead-free TNT Green bullets are now available as components. These projectiles are super-explosive to boost terminal performance and accuracy in a non-lead format. This unique design consisting of a pressed-powder core stores energy that violently released on impact. TNT Green is limited to .224 calibre in 30gn, 43gn and 50gn weights.

Speer’s Uni-Cor technology gives this traditional profile flat-tipped, hollow-point rifle bullet weighing 300gn in .458 calibre a bonded core for increased toughness. It gives extra solid performance on big game in the .45-70 Marlin and .450 Marlin.

Top-of-the-range Trophy Bonded Bear Claw features a high solid copper base with very heavy jacket . The front section has a large cavity with heavy walls which are fully annealed to open up rapidly. The core is bonded to the jacket and holds together for a retained weight of 95-percent. The Bear Claw is a semi- spitzer design and this reduces its ballistic coefficient, but not its effectiveness on game. Made in calibres from .22 to .470.

For really large, dangerous game, the Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer solids are a deep-penetrating companion for the Bear Claw soft-point. Made in 300gn/.375, 400gn/.416, 500gn/458 and 500gn/.470. Bearclaws are designed to give deep penetration on the largest African antelopes, lion and buffalo. But experienced professional hunters prefer the Sledgehammer solids which won’t bend, rivet or flatten, and show tremendous penetration on elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo. The flat tip produces straightline penetration and greater shock.

Speer’s other big game bullets include: the standard Hot-Cor, intermediate Mag-Tip with more thickness in the critical shank area and the enhanced Grand Slam with two-piece core, except for the .24 and .25 calibre Grand Slams which always had a one-piece core.

When Marlin and Browning reintroduced the .218 Bee and .25-20 in 1989-90, Speer designed bullets specifically for these rifles. There’s a 46gn flat-point for the .218 Bee, a 75gn Hot-Cor flat- point for the .25-20 and a .312 100gn jacketed hollow-point for the .32-20. All three bullets are cannelured in the correct location for smooth feeding in lever-action rifles and have flat points for safe use in their tubular magazines.

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