Alex with the young cull fallow buck chosen for its misshaped spikes and shot from about 100 yards.

Culling a young buck for venison

Venison steaks are deliciouspan fried in some olive oil and a young fallow buck is ideal to supply a goodamount of meat.

Firstly some of theitems I take on the hunt are a large sturdy and comfortable pack, like the onefrom Cross Fire, which accommodates plenty venison. Next is a quality set ofoptics for glassing, locating and then assessing the deer, and I took theSteiner Wildlife Pro 8×30 binoculars, which are excellent. Importantly, you needa scoped, accurate rifle of correct calibre for taking the buck.

For butchering, take agood knife or two, then there are sundry items such as water, plastic bags andother things a hunter may need according to the time spent out hunting andweather conditions.

For me the hunt beginsearly, with just enough light to leave the vehicle and make my way to an area wheredeer are seen regularly.

I note the winddirection and, as always, avoid other animals so I don’t give my approach away –in the poor light I do this by frequently glassing the area I’m heading to.

Soon, with the light alittle better, I spot through the Steiner binoculars some deer feeding below myposition at around 300 yards.

They are bucks of variousages and I scan through them to choose a nice cull meat animal. I go for ayoung buck with uneven or odd-shaped spikes. A buck with nice even spikes onits head is still a chance to grow into a good buck, like the one in the photo,and is left to grow.

The shot is taken atabout 100 yards and the buck is now ready to become venison, and I’ve cutsteaks from the back straps, and the legs to take out in my backpack.

When I get home I liketo leave it in the fridge between four and six days to set, and then I marinate the meat in olive oil and soy sauce before pan frying – rare to medium rare isbest!




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