41 Amnesties and Counting

After decades of ineffective gun control measures in Australia. Law abiding firearms owners are again suffering tighter policy from the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) to mask the illegal gun trade.

Another amnesty program has been set to run in July2017 and last 3 months. No compensation will be given to surrendered firearms and officials believe that the amnesty will net 260000 of the estimated 600000 illegally possessed guns.

How this amnesty will differ and be more effective that the other 41 tax payer funded programs is anyone’s guess. Whoever comes up with this stuff has to expect utter and complete failure for what they are proposing.

Guns In The News reported implementation of yet another amnesty is a broad acknowledgement of the futility of Australia’s gun control regime and amnesty programs. Further, more sophisticated analyses have also revealed the ineffectiveness of the country’s previous turn-in efforts.

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice reviewed the available research on Australia’s NFA firearm confiscation program and issued a memorandum that concluded that the effort had no effect on crime generally. In coming to this determination, the memorandum cited work from University of Maryland Professor Peter Reuter and Jenny Mouzos, aptly titled, “Australia: A Massive Buyback of Low-Risk Guns.” The NIJ memo made clear that the researchers “found no effect on crime.”

Given that turn-in programs do not reduce crime, some might wonder why Australia would once again embark on such a pointless endeavour. However, Justice Minister Michael Keenan was kind enough to provide the Sunday Mail with the government’s rationale, explaining, “This is as much about giving a family a chance to get rid of an old heirloom as it is about getting rid of guns off our streets.”

With refreshing candour, the Australian government has admitted that its intent with the new amnesty is to disarm the otherwise law-abiding who are not in total compliance with Australia’s onerous gun control regime. This pursuit of unregistered heirlooms and family keepsakes will no doubt have an effect on violent crime similar to that of previous amnesties; none.




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