99% Compliance for the 2022 Victorian Duck Season

It is no surprise to any hunters that throughout the 2022 duck season, hunters had a compliance rate of 99%.
I could not find any relevant protester statistics to draw a comparison; however, I would hazard a guess that the hunter’s compliance rate would exceed any duck protestor’s compliance during their wetland raids.
Hunters are demanding that the Game Management Authority share the protester compliance statistics so that an accurate picture is painted.
With ducks in strong numbers, this should pave the way for a full 2023 duck season with science-based bag limits.

Media Release

During the 2022 duck season, GMA Authorised Officers undertook over 641 patrols at 216 individual wetlands across Victoria.

Authorised Officers checked more than 1,200 game licences and 970 hunter bags.

Most hunters we spoke to were complying with the law and enjoying their time on the wetlands. However, some hunters and protestors were in breach of game hunting and public safety laws.

Breaches detected throughout the season included failure to comply with the season arrangements, hunting without a game licence, entering a wetland without authorisation, littering, possession of toxic shot and one hunter was found to have exceeded the daily bag limit.

As a result, the GMA will have issued 22 infringement notices and is currently conducting 18 investigations. A total of 38 breaches were detected throughout the 2022 duck season.

Three hunters are set to have their Game Licences cancelled for being in possession of toxic shot on a wetland during the season. A total of six firearms related offences were also detected and referred to Victoria Police.

GMA Chief Executive Officer Graeme Ford said the GMA has increased its use of intelligence and its visible enforcement presence to regulate duck hunting in Victoria.

“We have more Authorised Officers on the ground than ever before, engaging with hunters and communities through education, research and enforcement activities.” Mr Ford said

“The GMA has invested in technology upgrades including equipping all Authorised Officers with body worn cameras and using drones to monitor wetlands.”

“The GMA has also increased its presence across Victoria, with regional offices now located in Bendigo, Benalla, Ballarat, Traralgon and Lakes Entrance.”

“While some people breached game hunting and public safety laws, most people we spoke to were compliant. Thank you to everyone who acted safely and responsibly during the 2022 duck season.”

The GMA works in partnership with Victoria Police, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions (DJPR), Victorian Fisheries Authority and Parks Victoria to regulate the duck season.




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