Gun policy meeting
WA Shooting Association president Murray Bow, LDP WA president Jacqueline Holroyd and Shooters Union WA state advocate Steve Harrison at the launch of the LDP WA Firearms Policy

“A great initiative”: LDP reveals explicitly pro-gun policy in WA

The Liberal Democratic Party of Western Australia (LDP WA) have unveiled what is understood to be the first and only explicitly pro-gun policy of its type adopted by a Western Australian political party.

The policy, which was unveiled last week at a meeting in the Perth suburb of Willagee, contains 15 points and begins with a declaration that the “LDP wholeheartedly believes that licensed, law-abiding shooters are not criminals in waiting or a public safety threat”.

It goes on to say, “They stand as vetted and approved law-abiding owners of firearms and should not be punished for the historical, contemporary, or imagined future actions of criminals.

“We also do not support licensing and legislation changes based upon emotion, exploitation or unlawful acts or false or misleading narrative by politicians, bureaucrats, special interest groups, or media in its forms.”

You can read the full policy here.

It was developed in consultation with Shooters Union Western Australia and other state-based shooting and hunting representatives, with LDP WA president Jacqueline Holroyd explaining that the party was very much about letting individuals make their own choices, and that included ensuring those who wanted to be involved in shooting could do so fairly and without excessive, emotional and ignorant restrictions.

“The Liberal Democrats live our values very strongly,” she said.

“We’re the sensible party – when something’s bullshit, we call it bullshit.”

Shooters Union WA state advocate Steve Harrison was extensively involved in the development of the LDP WA Firearms Policy, which he described as concise with absolute clarity around each policy item.

He said it had been a pleasure working with the LDP WA Firearms Policy team to bring it to fruition.

“Several of the members are firearms owners and active recreational shooters and can identify with the unethical actions and behaviours of Police Minister Paul Papalia and others at ground level, which was very refreshing,” he said.

“There are two very important aspects to the LDP WA Firearms Policy.

“The first is that Shooters Union WA were invited in with welcoming arms to assist and support the development of the policy.

“The second is that the LDP WA wholeheartedly agreed that the first item of the policy would be structured to counter the current Labor Government’s rhetoric, slander and war-like statements and behaviours against law-abiding citizens in Western Australia who have been targeted for no apparent reason other than political point scoring.

“The LDP WA is 100 percent on-board with WA shooters and they have thrown their hat in the ring to challenge the current stupidity of the sitting political party.”

Western Australian Shooting Association president Murray Bow spoke extensively at the launch, slamming the McGowan Government’s approach to firearms legislation and the general anti-gun attitude in the state. 

He praised LDP WA’s news policy, describing it as “a great initiative” and expressing hope that its adoption would serve as a catalyst for change, leading to better outcomes for the next generation of shooters in WA.

“I’m very impressed with this policy – it’s well written and you need to get it out there,” he said.

“The current Government has little regard of firearms owners… [they are] hell bent on destroying firearms use.”

WA has the most draconian firearms regime in Australia and essentially operates an entirely different system to the rest of the country.

The Mark McGowan-led ALP Government has been accused by shooters of making its contempt for law-abiding firearms owners abundantly clear.

It recently pushed through amendments to the state’s Firearms Act which potentially criminalise commonplace activities such as handloading ammunition or making minor repairs to a shooter’s own firearms without a specific and hard-to-obtain licence.




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