ADA Take Hunting to the Decision Makers

TheAustralian Deer Associationcontinues to advocate for hunters in Australia. Three times a year, they distribute the magazine Hunting and Sustainability to every sitting federal, state, and territory member of Parliament, both to their Parliament House and their electoral office.

As the name suggests,Hunting & Sustainabilityunashamedly tells the positive stories of Australia’s 350,000+ hunters. But, it also tells the stories of the Australia that exists outside of the inner urban bubble inhabited by the political elite.

In this issue ofHunting & Sustainability,They look at:

  • The increasing role that social pressure in boardrooms plays in shaping public policy
  • The 50thAnniversary of the Ramsar convention – and the inherit compatibility of hunting with its principles
  • The evidence that recreational deer hunting achieves positive conservation outcomes
  • The true nature of the burgeoning animal rights agenda
  • The preposterous claims being made by the Greens/Bob Brown Foundation about wild deer management in Tasmania
  • The social impacts of the COVID19 pandemic
  • The high costs and low returns from aerial culling operations
  • How the New Zealand Government is investing in Hunter Education
  • How political culture favours inner urban values to the detriment of traditional activities like hunting

The second article of the magazine, The 50-year Creep Of A Radical Agenda, looks at the extremist animal rights agenda to end hunting and remove firearms from LAFO’s.

“As you read this, the Greens are being overshadowed in the cultural extremist spectrum by the animal rights movement. It is modelling itself on the Greens movement. It has the Animal Justice Party, underpinned by activist groups such as Animals Australia, the RSPCA, Voiceless and PETA and a swag of supporters in universities and schools, the public service and the media”.

“The latest battleground in Victoria is the re-writing of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to transform its foundation from animal welfare to animal rights. Animal rights activists disguise the difference between these two concepts by justifying their agenda in the name of recognising animal sentience’.

The article continues to highlight the dangers of these extremist groups and partiies throughout the article that can be read here.

More than ever, we need to support the hunting and firearms bodies who are lobbying for us. Unfortunately, some big players seem to be asleep on many issues, so get behind the clubs, associations, and bodies that get behind you.




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