“All politics is local” For Shooters

Many of the inner-city elites think the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) are hamstrung by a base of gun politics, but nothing could be further from the truth for Robert Borsak MLC and our new MLA for Orange, Phil Donato. As for the quote in the title of this story, it is attributed to US House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. (1912-1994), who used the saying in his first political campaign, in 1935.

Yes, it is in regional NSW, where the NSW Government’ foray into council amalgamations and greyhound racing bans that SFFP has gained a toehold and coming rural by-elections may well echo the Orange experience, yielding more widespread, grassroots support for the party founded on shooters’ rights post ’96.

The SFFP has learnt Tip O’Neill’s lesson well and is exerting pressure on governments in three states with Upper and now Lower House representatives, who champion the cause of commmonsense in legislation around a whole raft of issues that have ramifications at “small town Australia” level. It does not hurt that SFFP has attracted the support of the highest rating radio personalities in their quest to insulate the average, hardworking individuals and families “west of Parramatta” and their equivalents in WA, Victoria and NSW, with a growing swell of support in Queensland with the reformation of the party there.

This groundswell has gained momentum world-wide with “the common people” emboldened to make their voices heard through minor parties like SFFP, One Nation and KAP, against a backdrop of the until now disenfranchised who voted for Trump, Brexit and Orange. Media outlets who tout political correctness above truth and free speech, in bed with their political apparatchiks, watch out. Your days at the top of the heap looking down on us are numbered.

Have a look at this Western Advocate story and another from this morning’s Daily Telegraph to explain this growing phenomenon.




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