This horse was said to have been shot but actually ran into a fence. At the same time, Police say there is no truth to rumours of a spate of horse shootings near Yarra Glen.

Anti-shooting media flogs a dead horse

In yet another astounding piece of anti-gun, poorly-researched trash journalism, the Herald Sun recently reported a “spate” of horse shootings around the Yarra Glen area of Victoria.  An unknown gun owner was blamed for the death of three horses and the wounding of another that had miracuously survived.

Hunters and anti-hunters alike moved quickly to denounce such a vile act. The trouble is, a vet check has revealed the Yarra Valley horse feared shot had actually impaled itself on a fence post.

Not only that, Police said there was no truth to the claim earlier this week that a shooter had been targeting horses in the Dixons Creek and Yarra Glen areas.

The alarm was raised on Monday when a horse kept in a Dixons Creek paddock appeared to have sustained a wound resembling a gunshot.

Yarra Ranges Criminal Investigation Unit Detective Sergeant Mark Smithwick said a vet had since examined the horse and found it had impaled itself on a fence.

Sgt Smithwick said no foreign object was found in the horse’s wound.

On Monday, Erin Loveland claimed her horse Rafiki was shot while in a paddock close to a home and she didn’t have “high hopes” the mare would recover.

Ms Loveland said she had heard three other horses had been fatally shot in the area.

She took to Facebook to express her horror at the shooting and urged people to share the word.

“The more people we reach the better chance we have of catching the shooter and stop him from hurting more innocent horses,” she wrote.

One wonders if Miss Loveland will now issue an apology to the hunting and shooting communities she blamed for the imaginary incident(s). She might also start taking better care of her livestock – and cap her star pickets.




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